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This is the first step in proposing new ideas to the community for funding. Everyone can freely discuss anything they want, whether it’s complex software development, new features they’d like to see, outreach plans, marketing, etc.

Until we set up the fully automated Treasury process, the funding process will be as follows:

  1. Submit your idea here under the “Ideas” category.
  2. Ideas approved by the community will go to the “Pitch Deck” category for developers or others to formally bid on; they’ll turn the ideas into an actionable plan with resources requirements.
  3. Work in Progress (WIP) category will be our community portal to track progress and look at history of projects that have been funded.

Heyy would this be the place to post some info about the events in Austin, TX this week?
A few of us would like to do community outreach and marketing, starting at a Decentralized Art Show on July 28, 2017.

Art Show #1) Intro to the dArtists Movement

Friday, Jul 28, 2017, 7:00 PM

Location details are available to members only.

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Check out this Meetup →

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Hey sorry to be slow on responding to this…since your event is so close, just dive right into the “Pitch Deck” category with the proposal :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it!


Heyy, I finally shared what we’ve been working on in the “Pitch Deck” :slight_smile:

Is there a budget guideline for marketing and outreach events? As Brand Ambassadors in Crypto, we have had anywhere from 2-200 people at our meetups in the last year, and thousands more views in livestreams/chats…But that was one person in each city working independently and with little if any sponsorship or even project funding. We are ready to take things to the next level - To The Moon Lol! :slight_smile:
What are your thoughts?
In the meantime I can provide more specific details regarding costs for travel…

Thank you!

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