Are 3G cards still OK?

I’m aware of the ‘problems’ of using low memory cards like 3GB to mine etheruem. What is the situation with Zencash? I’m new to this coin and willing to give it a try with a small dedicated miner running on GTX1060 3G cards. Thanks.

I’m using 1070’s but from what I’ve read 3GB card still work for equihash. I saw the 3GB versions of a 1060 have a slightly lower hashrate than the 6GB, but it has to do with things other than amount of memory

Thanks for your reply.
Will 3GB nog give a problem with loading a DAG- type file?

That’s an Ethereum thing, doesn’t apply to Equihash

Ah I see, as said I’m new to this :wink:
So no growing DAG-type file with Zencash that will eventually make 3G cards useless? Or any other factors influencing the memory of the GPU?

I see all my nvidia cards using 600mb, all whether it be 1080, 1070, or 1060/3-6

WRT your question, the 3G issue on Ethereum is because the DAG right now is 2.5GB and growing, so the 1060-3 will soon be useless, however as we all know its now a waste of time to mine ETH, as zen pays 4X

I see no difference on my rigs

1060-3 300 sols/sec
1060-6 320 sols/sec

1070 480 sols/sec

only thing I notice is that I must keep the 1060-3 a little cooler run at 85 watts ( nvidia -pl linux ), with 1060-6 I run about 95 watts, I do this to keep TEMP below 70C

Prices for where I live are $250 for 1060-3, and $310 for 1060-6, and $600 for 1070, I don’t even want to mention the 1080 prices, they’re almost $1k

IMHO given price for 1060-3, and given that the memory usage ( 600MB ) when mining ZEN, I would suspect the utility future can go a long time, I don’t know the growth the but the card will probably die before.

Right now mining on 1060-3 rig I’m pulling near zen/day on suprnova, and of course the 1070 rigs do much better. Price drop has really decreased difficulty, but still the most profitable coin to mine, my RIG payback time for electricity is about 5 days per month.

In summary I think the 1060-3 is just fine, dial six in at 80Watts, and generate 1800 Sol’s, and abuse 480 watts of power.

The 1070 needs about 120 watts to run cool, and the efficiency is the same for all cards about 3+ sols/watt

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Thanks guys, much appreciated!
I like the Zencash thing all around, seems to be a little gem.

Equicash can use cards with as low as 1GB of vram. Ethereum is memory intensive, Zcash, Zencash, Hush, etc, are GPU intensive and use very little memory, the 3 GB 1060 is a bit slower because it has slightly less CUDA cores (Nvidia being Nvidia…le sigh)