Arizen account manager and login is atrociously bad

Just spent about an hour trying to login, must have made at least fifty odd attempts. Continuously getting “Wrong username or password”. Tried restarting the wallet constantly and dicking around with the various login interface features. When I finally got in, I clicked “Login” twice, the first time I got “Wrong username or password” again, then the second click allowed me to get in. Seriously?

Got my funds out now, and once again cannot log in. I know it’s not how I’m typing the password as I was copy pasting it. I feel like Indiana Jones after having recovered a treasure only for the tunnel to collapse immediately behind me.

And what’s with the ridiculous password rules? Any skilled cryptographer would know that password security has everything to do with length of the password and nothing to do with the character types. I know this is something really basic but frankly its amateurish. Any chance in the future this will be amended?

I’m holding ZEN long term and I believe in the project, but Arizen is a horrid user experience and seriously has a lot that needs to be addressed. I’ll certainly never touch it again.

Just checked again and can’t log in. The tunnel is still collapsed…

Hello @mfreeman,

thank you for your feedback. But I must admit it would be better to post it on GitHub as an issue to give us a chance to improve it:

Currently we do not deal with this problem. In the past we registered some similar issues therefore I’d like to ask you how long you didn’t use Arizen before your login problem or which version of Arizen you had during the process of logging in? And what is your OS? And haven’t you reinstall your PC? Had you created your back-ups before?

According to your note about length of password and character types it is not a true in general. But since v1.1.6 we it is possible to change your password without any criteria, see Arizen Wallet Manual v1.1.6:

We are currently working on completely new UI for Arizen and still improve our services. If you changed your mind and used Arizen again I’d significantly recommend to you to make back-ups of your wallet because it is not a web service.

I absolutely understand you feelings about Arizen but please note that we do our best to improve it and give to our clients the best. But without proper information it is impossible.

Thank you very much that you believe in ZenCash in general.
Have a successful day😉
Best regards
Community Project Manager of ZenCash & Tester/User Manual Writer of Arizen Wallet