Blockchain & digital assets conference 2019

Theme: The Blockchain Trust Architecture for Governance and Public Service


Date: 4th-5th October,2019

Blockchain-based solutions have the potential to make government operations at different levels more efficient and improve the delivery of public services, while simultaneously increasing trust in the public sector.
For this to happen, education is key getting the right people at the federal,
state and local government levels engaged, excited and educated about the
technology. Once the right people understand the promise of blockchain,
existing problems that can be better solved through a blockchain-based
solution than through the existing technology infrastructure, then we can start
retooling government processes.
At the upcoming Abuja Blockchain & Digital Assets Conference 2019, the third
edition of these conferences curated by Blockchain Nigeria User Group, a sub-
set Organization of Blockchain Technology Users (OBTU), duly registered
Incorporated Trust with Nigeria s CAC, is scheduled to hold from 4-5 October
2019, at Abuja Sheraton Hotels, experts, industry stakeholders, thought leaders
and the academia will converge to brainstorm on how blockchain and other
emerging technologies of the fourth industrial revolution can be leveraged by
the Nigeria government and her agencies for improved public service delivery.

Benefits of event
*About 1000-1500 participants is guaranteed to be in attendance.

*Sponsors and partners will be given opportunity to talk about their products and services

  • Top leaders in Crypto-matters will be present at the event. i.e Blockchain &Crypto ethusiast, Blockchain & Fintech founders, Banks and professional service companies, government Agencies and regulators e.t.c

*opportunity for Sponsors and Partners to
Spread Blockchain or 4iR Tech project or products
across Nigeria and Africa.

*International media organizations such as BBC, CNBC Africa, Channels TV, Cointelegraph,, etc., Have and will feature the

  • Opportunity for business expansion in Africa and accross Africa.

*opportunity to meet with decision-makers of
various sectors and Network with the local blockchain service providers that have
the expertise to help one succeed and gain local insight and offer solution

Activities at Place of Event

  • Wearing of T-shirts by three horizen Ambassadors
  • Taking pictures including selfies
    *sharing of Horizen branded materials like stickers,key holders,books and other Horizen materials
    *Tabling and networking with participants
    *And Possibly little giveaway of Zen tip to some of the participants.

Zen tip------------$30


i’m a fan of sponsoring events like this, especially if we can introduce more people to our ecosystem. I’ll make sure the marketing team sees the post…


My name is SANNI JOHNSON am a Nigerian advocate for peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development with African Students For Liberty, a non-profit continent wide organization that promotes the ideas of individual freedom and economic liberty by training student leaders libertarian ideas. Am a social change agent who have passion for enlightened youth participation in governance; Have organised several meetups for horizen in numerous states in Nigeria and beyond. Sanni Johnson is the founder and executive director of Africa Centre for Science and technological development and was recently Appointed As the National Coordinator Africa Students For Liberty Nigeria

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We will pause all expenses we didn’t projected in our budget, due to the situation on the market.

Thank you for posting this proposal.


@MedaR is correct, the Foundation budget is just too tight right now with the current market, but we’re exploring some other ways to fund these kinds of community activities. thanks for taking the initiative in posting this and for thinking of how to promote liberty and zen :slight_smile: