Blockchain Live webinner with horizen and beam representatives[Webcast]

On the previous edition blockchain Saturday meet up in March, with me being one of the organizers and represented horizen, in which horizen was one of the sponsors of that same event.

We had lots of amazing guests including,

  • Toju Kaka {Eos Nigeria ambassador},
  • Emmanuel Ettim {cryptoHub analysts and trading expert} and
  • Agbona Igwemoh {Nigeria Beam Ambassador}.

Our 5th blockchain Saturday meetup is scheduled to hold around Third or fourth week of May [Inconclusive].

But i had a meeting with the Nigeria Beam Ambassador who told me he loved how i presented horizen to the audience on our previous event sometimes in March and he was among those who was asking Rolf Versluis questions concerning zen nodes and to how horizen network operates, we had a long chat and views, and how he also talked to one of the BEAM team leaders of organizing a live stream event (webinner) with me representing horizen and was given a go ahead for us to organize it together, well we get to debate, emphasize, talk more of both advantages, technological aspects, features, uses and brands, “it would be lovely” He said.

For the fact both are privacy oriented, it would be a lovely webcast, since it will be live streamed on YouTube and anyone could join us, exciting it seems.
For the streaming and to get people watch the webinner, We have a large community of blockchain Saturday audience, and whaleshares community who love innovative technology like privacy, so definitely we are hopeful.

  • All that is required to get the webinner or webcast from planing into reality is to get a suitable studio for the cast.

  • Date is 4th May, if everything required is in place, definitely.



After our webinner, our blockchain Saturday meet up comes on the third or fourth week.
Unlike our past meet ups, we are planning on making this one more outstanding and setting a good precedent to what we have envisioned the Blockchain Saturday meetups to look like, as the number one most attended blockchain event in African, though we are far from what we want to achieve but we have been marking steady growth on each events we organized with the last one having more than 65 attendance.

It would be lovely if horizen can be one of the sponsors of the 5th edition of the blockchain Saturday. And for the fact BEAM would also be one of this edition sponsor, One of there core team member will be speaking at the event remotely, and we welcome anyone from horizen who would also want to speak at the event remotely even as i represents it, the last one Rolf Versluis spoke to us on the occasion , we would be happy if he is present at the event also or anyone else who could give us that “Horizen succinct killar definitions” to lecture the crowd more about the privacy oriented blockchain platform and its use case.

Much appreciated.