Bring Horizen closer to Italian users and the Italian market

Hello Horizen Team!

My name is Gabriele Dibertulu, I live in Italy and I’m a crypto enthusiast.
I work as a barman but not only, over the years I’ve done some projects about Italian translations of software (, of fan websites regarding famous band like The Offspring (where for years I moderated the Italian board and wrote articles and made interviews with the band).
Recently I’m promoting on the social media (some of which are active on blockchain as Steemit, Minds, and gab) the cryptocurrency SmartCash translating in Italian all the official news, writing articles and tutorials in Italian.

My social media network Steemit, Minds, Twitter, Gab, Medium, and Discord guarantees a monthly average of about 20,000 views rising steadily.

With this email, I want to offer media coverage for Italy on social media through at least 25 monthly articles for a total of $500,00 in Horizen (currently equal to 88,50*ZEN)

Description of the proposal:

  • 25+ monthly articles + Info Banner to be published on steemit and medium

  • Topics: News, Tutorials, Short Videos, Support on Discord

  • Period: From 1 February to 28 February

  • All the articles will be shared on Twitter, Minds, Gab, English and Italian Telegram.

You can follow my previous work done with other crypto on the following channels:

(Unfortunately, I can’t add all my links because I’m a new member for the forum)

[Gab] @Lord_Gabo
[Twitter] @Lord_Gabo
[Medium]@lord_gabo (This is the newest channel with few articles at the moment)

The creation of content in Italian will contribute to increasing the information of your project for Italian people and will guarantee an almost daily average of articles on Horizen.

My proposal is limited to only a month for now with the hope of being able to renew the relationship for several months. Having a constant presence on social media will allow the brand to remain impressed into Italian people but to do so, it requires constant presence.

Hoping to hear soon a prompt reply let me wish to all of you a Great New 2019!


I must admit it is a bit expensive but interesting offer. :sunglasses:
Under the current market conditions we cannot accept this proposal, but please stay tuned, situation can change soon so we might be able to enter nagotiations.

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Here a little example of my articles:

(Just for the occasion I made my very first audio podcast)

What do you think is the better price for the current market condition?

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I’m not sure what would be appropriate amount ($500 is too much for sure), for now we must freeze all expenses.

Later when conditions improves we will talk.
We will evaluate your proposal and we’ll contact you, Thanks for showing interest!