Client side wallet like Myetherwallet for zencash?

So after hanging around with the zencash community in slack I noticed that a lot of people are having issues compiling the java swing wallet / eleos probably because they aren’t too technical.

Ive been reading a lot about blockchain recently and have experience in web apps and think it should be within my ability to make an online wallet like so.

I also asked if anyone would be interested for such a tool like so in slack and got a couple of positive responses, someone even said I could get it financially sponsored if I posted it here and so here I am…

What do you guys think?


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Cool @kendrick didn’t realize you’d already started a thread on this! Thanks so much for pitching the idea and putting forward a proposal. There seems to be very positive feedback from the community on this, so I’m all for getting this funded and started ASAP.

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Great idea, compiling the Zencash software and the wallet is a bit cumbersome, and for more non technical users difficult.
You also have to deal with syncing the blockchain, and upgrade to take care of forks, which is a non issue if you have an online wallet.
Myetherwallet is really nicely done, so something similar for Zencash would be welcome.


heyyy, is this available right now? Where can I find a link to download the latest release if there is one please? :slight_smile: thank you!

yup! We have the online wallet hosted here:

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I cant figure that one out,
I can’t tell if I logged In, or how to log out,
I kept getting wrong private key. After I just copied ithe private key from the Place I just typed it in., copied it, and pasted it.
I can’t figure out where this Mystery lock located on the right is. Not one on my wallet.
I can’t figure out how to tell where the receive zen area is.
It just confuses me.
Also what’s with all the rows of 0 amount addresses for?
What’s a GUI wallet?
Can’t we just simply have a easy to use wallet that looks and functions very similer to the bitcoin iPhone wallet?
Log in, 2 factor security with private keys in settings,
A receive, and a send button, with USD/BTC conversion on the face of both send and receive feature? It also has a add a new address and name it section seperate to keep your coins and different accounts easily managed, and with a simple click on the screen with a finger the currency switches back and forth between USD/BTC
Does it have a log out securely button or do you always stay logged in,
A 4 or 6 number quick log in would also be cool

Woah, lots of questions!

With the web wallet, you “login” by providing the secret phrase you used to set it up in the first instance.

Once in, you will see your balance in the middle as well as a list of your available addresses, you can use any one of these to receive and subsequently send ZEN.

To answer your other questions, yes, an iOS wallet has already been created. Right now, Rob is working to setup a ZenCashOfficial account in the Apple Store so that the wallet can be published. I don’t know exactly how long this will take but I do know that it is in progress so hang in there.

In the interim, there are a couple of desktop wallets available, Swing which includes functionality to send and receive ZEN via shielded transactions as well as being able to send private messages over the blockchain and Arizen which is a new wallet that’s designed to be easy to use however doesn’t yet have the functionality to generate shielded transactions.

There’s also a slick Android wallet that’s already out in the wild. I’ve been using it since release and it’s working great.

sorry i was frustrated at the wallet. i viewed a video and that cleared itright up for me.thanks for hitting me back on that