Down the rabbit hole trying to choose the best rig setup

The rabbit hole is huge. I dig deeper and I feel as if the more i dig the further away I get from executing a purchase for hardware.

Ive watched all of voskcoin videos and two of his builds caught my attention.

  1. The trio setup
  2. 12 GPU setup

Some thoughts.

  1. Looks like 1060 (6gb or 8gb) cards might be best. Thinking for the future.
    A. but which 1060 cards is what im having issues with. Again, that rabbit hole is deep and I have not found solid answers that match up with each other. Everyone has their own opinion but I wants facts.

  2. Why is the trio popular? I would think a 12 unit rig would be cheaper and more efficient since its less parts to buy. Youre not buying multiple mobo’s, ram etc.

  3. Im a noob, but def not just showing up here without doing research asking to be spoon fed. I guess I just need a few questions listed above answered to help guide me in the right direction. I really dont want to drop $3k-$5k and find out, oops. I should have went another direction.

Stoked to be a new member of this community and cant wait to start mining with you guys.


When looking at the trio vs 12 GPU I think you are essentially looking at two efficient solutions but approached differently.

The 12 GPU obviously goes for the economies of scale, by maximizing the number of cards per mobo,cpu,ram. The trade off is you have have at least two top end PSU’s. Also i think 12 GPU rigs need 8gb ram instead of the typical 4.

When you look at a trio, you arn’t buying the 13 GPU BTC mobo. Instead you are able to get a much cheaper 6 card mobo at about 1/3 of the price. You are also able to get a much cheaper PSU and only 4gb of ram.

So the result is the trio is efficient on the PSU/mobo/ram costs but the 12 GPU rig is more efficient when your looking to significantly scale up.

The overall goal is to minimize your cost relative to the hashing power. I would imagine the trio is not too far behind the 12 gpu when it comes to cost/hashing ratio.

If you are looking for building your first rig, i would recommend a trio or a 6x gpu. They are much easier to set up and stabilize and cheaper upfront. One thing that is often overlooked is that 12 GPU rigs put off a lot of heat. All of that computing power is converted to heat, so a 12 card rig is basically a 1600 watt heater. (especially if you were looking at a 12x 1080 Ti.) Might be fine now because its the winter, but you will definitely need an airflow/cooling solution for it in the summer.

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Thank you for taking to time and replying. I appreciate it.

I think I will go with the 6x GPU setup. Im not concerned about heat. This setup will be in a server room so its already like 67 degrees.

I would like to scale to the moon if ther ROI allows it to happen. Thats why I really liked the 12gpu setups.


If you have your eyes on the future. I’d suggest going for a modular 6x gpu set up then. Vosk did a video on it earlier this week. Basically get a 12 GPU frame and the 13 GPU mobo. Start with 1 PSU and 6 GPUs. When you feel like expanding just add another PSU and more GPUs :slight_smile:


well if I go that route ill just fill up that mobo with 12 GPUs :wink:

now im back to square one again. See what I mean. It went from trio (or 6 units) and now 12 units.

Are these figures realistic?

I used whattomine to find out the hashrate with 12qty 1060s with 1000watts. It shows there will be 3240 h/s of hashing power for equihash which is what zencash requires.

Am I correct with all of this and these figures?


and here is the whatomine shot

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trying to forecast the ROI is a whole different beast. When mining you need to keep in mind that the number of coins you get are proportional to your hashrate and the network hashrate. Not to mention luck which will average out over time. But it’s definitly a factor when looking at hourly increments.

Typically as the price of a coin rises, your relative hashrate decreases because as the profitability to mine the coin goes up, it attracts more miners.

I would only rely on whattomine for a picture of what is optimal in that very moment. If you refresh or go back even 10 minutes later it will be different because the mining/coin price equilibrium is always adjusting.

As for optimal strategy on ROI, it depends on your risk tolerance. If you can handle risking the coins your saving losing 10-20% or even more of value at any given moment then maybe you can mine and HODL. It can definitely have sognicant returns, or significant losses. If you want to mitigate your risk you can either exchange for a coin you believe in the long run, or exchange out to fiat. Despite exchanging to fiat is your slowest ROI, you can at least typically forecast profitability weekly and cash out biweekly or something.

I can’t comment on your 1060s sols rate but my 6x 1070s get around 2700 sols at 750 watts. I’ve never built or looked into 1060s.


Makes sense. I guess this entire thing is a YMMV type of situation due to all the moving variables and values.

Is there a tried and tested method/setup that you like?

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I wouldn’t say tried and tested because I haven’t personally done a trio or a 12x. But my 6x is as solid as a rock. I go 7 days straight up time and turn it off about once a week for 10 minutes to give it a quick cleaN and visual inspection.

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Care to share your build specs?

With the 1070 Ti available now i wouldn’t build a 1070.

Follow either of Vosk’s videos depending if you want an upgradable one or not. That said, i wouldn’t throw away the idea of 1060s. I haven’t done the math but given how cheap they are it may have a faster ROI.

upgradable 1070 Ti

not upgradable 1070 Ti (only difference is the mobo and the frame)

6x 1060


Thanks! I appreciate it

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Personally, I use nothing but 6 card rigs. My decision wasn’t about pricing, it was about the ability to create density whilst retaining manageability.

3 card rigs are great but they take up more rack space.

12 card rigs are great but if you lose a component, you have the possibility of losing the hashpower of 12 GPU’s rather than 6.

So for me, 6 card rigs are where it’s at.

Personally, I’ll be building with 1070 TI’s from now on, something like this:

6x ASUS Strix 1070 Ti
6x powered risers (don’t worry too much about type, they’re all crap)
1x 1300w Antec or EVGA PSU
1x whatever mobo I can find at the time
1x 4GB or 8GB stick of cheap ram
1x Celeron CPU
1x SSD with EthOS preloaded
1x mining rig frame

Not entirely sure how helpful that is but regardless, that’s my new build spec.

2 main pieces of advice:

Don’t cheap out on your power supply and don’t bother with 2x smaller PSU’s. Lots of people can make them work but in my head, simplicity is key to reliability.

Take your time setting things up, add 1 GPU at a time and when building and when it comes to overclocking, start 10-15% below a known good setting (Google is our friend) and work up from there.

Good luck!

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@VoskCoin and @Blockops have created some great resources to learn about profitable mining, also plenty of support from community on the Bitcoin Pub - - :grinning::+1: Cheers!



Thank you everyone for the mentions truly an honor :smiley:

The trio gpu rig build is popular just due to it being simple, there’s no real wire management to it, there’s no risers, theres no HDD just a USB, it’s about as simple as a mining rig can get

There’s a lot of debate on x y z best bang for buck / quickest ROI but right now my favorite GPU build is the 1070 TI and the video guide on it was posted by @Persona (thanks :D)


awesome. thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge with me. @VoskCoin do you have a tutorial for setting up the mining software from A to Z? or know of a place that I can get that info?

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here’s my guide to setting up smOS

and here’s my guide to setting up DSTM miner on smOS (often times a little bit better output but had issues with 12 card rigs with it)

Hope these help!

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thanks so much @VoskCoin . Im assuming this is what you use and recommend since you have videos on how to use them but I dont want to assume anything.

Found a fantastic deal on zotac 1070 cards. $365 each. Trying to get 30 of them for four 6 card rigs.

Thanks for all the help. I’m sure I will have more questions when it’s time to setup everything