Faucet Brave [email protected]

I already use brave browser. Do i need to download the ref link one?

also? any good place to store zentoshi from faucet. Like a shared masternode. Thanks…

no need to re-download Brave, the system will pick up that you’re using it. What you can do for now is keep the ZEN earnings in your verified address and starting next week (I think), that’ll qualify for the HODL! Bonus. In a way, the HODL! Bonus is a sort of staking system where you’ll receive extra rewards for keeping at least the minimum required ZEN in that verified address.

Thats great. For Hodl bonus. But the thing is i am using brave for a long time and as you see in screenshot i did not get bonus. Do i need to disable shield maybe? This info would help new users also…

But if I already have good bonus reward I do not take it?

Please contact support: https://support.horizen.global/

They will probably have to check your account and this is not the best place for talk about private details…

I ask about discord?

No please use this link : https://support.horizen.global/
Rise a ticket and one of the agents from UX team will help you with this.

This is the procedure to protect your privacy.