Faucet Code Needs Review :)

Has the faucet gone crazy or am I reading this incorrectly?

10339 zatoshi (19149 (base value) x (0.3 social bonus) x 1.8x) is going to be transferred to your address. Please wait one minute and check the history tab for the txid.

How the heck on a 1.8x day you get the lowest payout ever? Unless the code/math around the multiplier for the social bonus is defective?


Yep, just checked the math. Stupid 0.3 social bonus is acting as a 3/10 multiplier of the base value, instead of a 13/10. AND this is not a defect, it’s by design. Well, that sucks!


Zatoshis given out will be within a random range, adjusted based on the daily USD price. Faucet needs to have sustainable economics.


OK, so help me understand this, Horizen is a cryptocurrency built on the idea of anonymity, and you are asking for people’s Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for bonus faucet payments? You’ll get nothing but fake accounts and useless data (unless the purpose is to inflate some metric somewhere else). I hope there will be rethinking of this and it won’t be permanent. While you’re at it, why not ask for a copy of my social security card, and passport as well?


Sir, I have been buisy these day kindly release zsatoshi


same is true for requiring gmails, it’s all about some level of authentication to keep fraud to a minimum. The point of adding social connections was to significantly reduce fraud at scale and open the faucet up to non-gmail users. We’ll see how things go after testing it for some weeks.


If your intent is to ensure and sustain honest engagement, gamification is the more complex yet the only true answer. Change distribution scheme, user tiers, award length of time instead of repetition, etc. I know we are talking about less than pennies at the individual level, and even the total should not mean much in the grand scheme of market making efforts by Horizen but nevertheless, if the fix has you going against the tenet of your blockchain, it can’t be right, and needs to be reconsidered, soon.


I have made a post with an update you maybe would like to check

BTW, Till now we have given a lot of ZEN via Faucet.


We think that this is a good way for new users to enter our community so they can try our ecosystem, but not necessarily means we are obligated to provide a sustainable source of income for users.

We are open to all suggestions, everything that can improve Faucet or any other part of our ecosystem. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to give us more details.
We can evaluate what is feasible.


Exactly what @MedaR said, the faucet is simply a first point of entry for new users into our ecosystem; we hope to keep them engaged long enough to filter through many other aspects of the project, like Academy, white papers, join our social channels, participate in discussion, sign up for our newsletter, download Sphere by Horizen, etc. It’s not structured to be a major income source.

As to whether all this violates our commitment to privacy, well that’s another story and we live in a world of trade offs. What’s under consideration here:

  • Faucet is purely voluntary
  • If we don’t prevent fraud, faucet doesn’t exist
  • We have a limited set of tools to prevent fraud, all of which involve some sort of “fingerprinting” or registering unique users
  • Every registration system is controversial and in some way restricts the set of users who can access the system; e.g. currently requiring Gmail because it’s hard[er] to game since we basically offload the unique user registration to Google
  • The Gmail registration isn’t perfect --still have fraud but also have major restriction for the set of people who can access the faucet (e.g. Google banned in China)
  • Part of our core vision is inclusiveness and so it’s unsatisfying to have a more restrictive registration system
  • In sum, we’re experimenting with new registration systems that both open the set of people who have access and also reduces more fraud

There’s no ambiguity when users register for the faucet and play the daily draw. By using the faucet, everyone implicitly consents to these trade offs. The faucet would not exist without some system and right now we’re in a period of rapid experimentation with different ones to balance all these considerations.


Now a little teaser…

The Growth team is brainstorming a variety of gamification features, one case where we evolve the entire faucet into an online game with embedded ZEN rewards.


da so mais um poucao de zem muitos mais muitos zem


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I like faucet…
Thanks for horizen…


A little teaser…
The faucet is just the first experiment at scale with incentives like this, but it’ll soon be evolving into something that goes well beyond a “faucet” …more like a one-stop hangout place for community members to learn, play games, earn incomes by contributing content, publishing your own games with ZEN rewards, contribute to ecosystem discourse, etc. and all with the same type of incentives.


good very good okkkkkkk


Beyond “faucet” means we need a new name for it!


Hello everyone!! and what about the launch of games with getting coins on the platform?


From the survey displayed when signing on, it seems that staking will be an option for increasing faucet payouts. Nice concept but I can’t image this would yield a significant return as further holding. Unless ZEN is considering considerably higher payouts than what’s offered with secure or supernodes but that would then invalidate the entire node ecosystem.


Dear All,
Please Read Carefully … B’Coze Horizen Is Cryptocurrency Site, We Hope, Horizen Add Security Purpose Any Option. Now We Wait And See What Is A Coming Option. It’s Better For Us.


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