Feedback from community? 💡

It would be really interesting to get some feedback from community:

  • How did you find out about Horizen and when?
  • What do you expecting from Horizen?
  • Do you have an message for community and for the Team?


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  1. Bitcointalk
  2. Privacy and SecureNodes, continuous development,
  3. Keep on trucking, put an emphasis on marketing, brand differentiation/identity
  • Horizen (ZenCash) YouTube channel - July 2018
  • Unbounded by Design Sidechain Technology - GUI for amateur developers and CLI for advanced developers, prototype of the Sidechain service catalogs would be great too!
  • GOD bless all Horizen team, community and evangelists!
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I am just getting started with the Forum here so might as well answer to this one :slight_smile:

  • I found out about Horizen while searching through the different crypto with masternodes (I Know it is slightly different with ZEN :slight_smile: ) As I have mentioned before in discord and other places, after looking at it the first time, I was like, sidechains?..What is this etc…I looked at it again and simply loved it hehe

  • I think the team in general does an excellent job in marketing, informing and also teaching its community members. The Horizen Academy is a great example of that. I also find the weekly insiders really good as well. I like staying in touch with a community and it keeps me involved I find.

  • Keep up the great work! Also, since I like getting involved in projects I support, I am available to help out as required as well. I am in Canada and speak french. If you ever need anything, let me know. In the meantime, you’ll see me around!!!


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