Glad to see I'm not the only one having problems

So after using the faucet for around a month or so I have got to say it all started off great then seriously went downhill in the last week. It claims theres a daily claim bonus which would suggest If I made a claim on the 1st april then another on april 2nd I should have a 1.2 multiplier which isnt actually the case because it’s set to 20 hours (so not daily as ADVERTISED).
Ontop of this you now have to verify your wallet if you want your claim to be transferred immediately which puts alot of users at a disadvantage especially if using binance wallet for claims as we cant access keys ect in order to sign a message.
I’ve also experienced a few more problems when referring people to use the site although these arent major issues but there still issues at the end of the day.
The whole thing seems predictable especially the bonus spin which I’ve also had an issue claiming more than once which led to me not receiving it at all so horizen I hope you manage to sort this out soon and keep your value but for me this is not something I’m going to bother wasting my time with anymore regardless if the faucets free to use or not. Theres been far too many problems in the short space of time I have used the site and this has led me to the decision not to use this anymore.
Thanks for my claims that have been successful prior to today and hopefully you sort it out before you lose anyone else.

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Hi @Sales_Nearlyready

The Faucet was created as a tool for community growth, providing an easy bridge between new users and our ecosystem. The Faucet rewards you with ZEN, offering an easy and free way for you to receive and send your first transactions. It will also give you the opportunity to start exploring and learning with our awesome products, for free!

So Faucet is not another Airdrop, not an Easy money nor another Passive income. It’s free, and its use is voluntary.

Rewarding system is constantly improved and focus on users that are interested to come every day and to get involved into Horizen ecosystem.

We have recently added a greater incentive for users!

Why should you do this verification?

  • Verify your wallet to earn 1.5x rewards. And you can withdraw your ZEN instantly


  • You will need to wait, payments will process weekly, at approximately 1 UTC every Monday.
  • Unverified wallet will receive 0.5x rewards.

This mean that users will get everything they claim during the days, but with delay. Also this mean we are rewarding users that are actually using our ecosystem, and they are ready to learn/try more.

Exchange wallets - addresses, wont be able to perform this action.
Not because we don’t want this, it simple because you don’t hold your private keys there and you cannot perform this action.
Whats the point of sending those micro transactions to an Exchange? You can collect your ZEN into your wallet and later you can send it to Binance if you like.

Faucet is not a perfect system, but we are trying to evolve over time and to improve it. So all feedback’s are welcomed and will be taken in consideration.

Please contact support: if you are having any of problems, support Team will help you, 24/7.


it’s weird to hear feedback that the faucet has significantly declined in quality since launch, because it seems obviously the exact opposite. The quality of the experience has improved so fast, and the system has been continuously iterated to yield the outcome we want: to introduce new users to cryptocurrency, ZEN in particular, and our products, especially Sphere by Horizen.

Usability issues like malfunctions in referrals are great feedback because if there’s actually anything we can improve, other than the payouts being higher, that’ll be loaded into our weekly improvement sprints.

Thanks for giving the faucet a shot, but i’d recommend downloading Sphere by Horizen so that you can verify an address and get your earnings back up, or use another wallet if you prefer, but one in which you control you private keys.

Finally, i’d say to stick around and see how things evolve in the coming 1-2 months, as the faucet grows into a broader Community Hub with a bunch of new opportunities.