Halving Interview with community

Dear community,

We would like to introduce you to Younes (Younzo) and Domenico (Sodiomayor). They created the www.horizenhalving.com website with styleshout to provide you the most accurate information about the Horizen Halving date!

We wanted to ask them what they love about Horizen, and let them explain what is Halving!

Meet them here in English: https://youtu.be/oumWaOFDOyM

And ici, en français : https://youtu.be/MDCpbXhrnxU

And you, are you excited about Halving?


I am not expected much change in the price, especially on the short time. For mysterious reasons Bitcoin seems the only coin that has huge price jumps after halvings (with some 6-18 months delay).
However, if some nice side chain projects go mainstream, the additional scarcity after the halving might result in stronger uptrend of the ZEN price in response to these side chain projects. It might very well lead to new hights in the price of ZEN. Looking forward to see if this hypothesis will come to pass😊.

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Thank you for your point of view. Yeah, I think we didn’t see anough halvings to know exactly what can it implies for coins. And it’s not just a halving question. As you said the sidechains and a lot of services are coming on that, also the developer community is growing. it’s good times for the project ^^

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