Help us to improve ZenCash Forum

Hello Zenners!

We are working on improvement of our ZenCash Forum together with our amazing engineers. We want to bring you new UI, voting system, quality feedback system and many others!

So tell us what you want to change, what you’d like to improve, what you want to add or what you hate. Tell us your feelings, advices, suggestions, comments, advantages and drawbacks!:thinking: Post them right here or as a DM on Discord to @Tigger or [email protected].

Let’s build up the new Forum together! :sunglasses:

Community Project Manager of ZenCash


Keep it very clean. Current forum comes across cluttered on a mobile.

I would like to have this forum TapaTalk compatible. Tabtalk is an app that connect to forums and are able to check out all my forums from one place. DASH Forum for example is tabtalk compatible as they use SMF (SimpleMachine Forum). I think this forum is also compatible with TabaTalk but you need to install the plugin.

Hi @JZA,

TapaTalk looks awesome! Thank you very much for your tip!:+1: I’ve added it on our list to discuss this possibility with our engineers.

Great job! Many thanks again.

Have a great week.
Community Project Manager of ZenCash