Horizen Academy - free and open to everyone learning platform

We are proud to announce the official release of the Horizen Academy.

Learn about blockchain tech, online privacy, and Horizen for free at home or on the go.

Read the latest blog : https://blog.zencash.com/horizen-launches-horizen-academy/

Check out our academy: https://academy.horizen.global/


The Coin Chat hosted Jonas Rubel Horizen Country Representative Austria, Switzerland & Liechtenstein

If you want to get more details about Horizen Academy wach this video.

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Dear community,

Horizen is dedicated to giving you the power of knowledge. Crypto isn’t only money freedom, but also knowledge freedom.
If you don’t know the Horizen Academy yet or if you want to present it to your friends, this video is here to help you.

As usual find it english: https://youtu.be/sbouuvioTMs
Et en français : https://youtu.be/EoHDpv_9diQ