Horizen meetup in southern region of uganda

Am Ahimbisibwe Brian aged 24 years from Uganda located in the southern part of the country, am a professional teacher, a crypto evangelist and generally a blockchain enthusiast with decentralized technologies in various industries doing also part time forex trading
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I have been in the industry for since 2017, this time our major goal was when moon and lambo things but getting deep through learning and research was able to understand some of the fundamentals of the Blockchain technology this time with a variety of use cases and applications that can be used to solve a big percentage of the world’s real life challenges with cases like censorship,privacy,security,transparency among others
I have managed to have attended most of the meetups, represented some of the communities related to crypto and technology, have helped my peers to learn about the blockchain technology even for the beginners up to development on the network so far representing Chainlink as an advocate and evangelist for smartcontracts on a decentralized oracle network this would be a great integration and partnerships for our communities
Here are the links to my previous activities

Finding about Horizen
Since am always curious about the news and update with crypto projects I had to find out horizon and took my time to read and get used with their applications and technology which was relevant and would applicable to the challenges we do face and experience in my region mentioning a few privacy data breaches and the full functionality of security in communication forexample lets consider a situation where by there is lack of privacy with our funds and transactions we make with our current financial instuitions like banks even they are other currencies like bitcoin, ltc and among others in this case horizen provides a fully encryption/ privacy of our transactions and full ownership of our records and data atleast this covers and brings in use or application of a fully decentralized protocol with Zen not forgetting the user friendly with their applications and fast transactions for merchants and users
My plan is to bring more awareness to my community about blockchain technologies in particular use of smart contracts and zen on how possible these could solve our current challenges in the region this would done through hosting of meetups ,attending third party events, creating contenting and provision of various learning materials to our citizens NOTE our regions are usually affected by lack of awareness and false misleading information that usually circulates which is very negative to crypto
Secondly bringing on board more merchants to accept Zen for payments for our day to day expenses since payments are fast with low cost transaction fees than mobile money payments which are high
We shall use the funds to host meetups,attend third party event, social engagements with radio presentations , including short explainer videos on Ugandan movies form of advertising ,visiting various universities, getting content translators to other languages ,look for merchants and help them on how to use Zen for money transfers etc

Use of Zen for international payments and money transfers eliminating lengthy procedures with using banks, western union which charge high higher fees and transactions take long to reach the receiver
Now our citizens would have back soveriegnty for their financial assets there are cases where by Authorities can freeze ones bank accounts especially for political reasons in suspicious of external fundings and other cases
Not forgetting about a secure messaging application with Zen otherwise to mention a few these would be interesting and welcome to our community
Requirements and Break down of the costs
We would require these for our meetups forexample branded tshirts, banner, some few zentoshi to give out since we shall conduct our meetup through demoing like testing and use of the zen wallets, a projector, loud speaker,refreshments and food
Here is the breakdown of the costs
Venue 60$
Branded tshirts 50$
Bannar with stand 20$
Food and drinks 150$ [~30 to 50 people
Zen tokens 10$ in total to give to participants that download the wallet
Logistics 50$
Note We could have these meetups in each region monthly ie 5 meetups in total
My vision is to see fully functionality and use of smartcontracts with Zen in my region mostly as an alternative payment method


It’s great to hear from you, and appreciate the interest in stepping up your engagement in the community! What we always say to people is to first just step up and start contributing heavily where you can --whether it’s on Discord, Telegram, this forum, Reddit, other social media, etc. --build a strong reputation for yourself within the community. We always promote from within the community the most active zenvangelists, people like @thretto as the perfect example.


We are in contact and I have provided some basic instructions to @ahimbisibwebrian how to improve this proposal also one of my advice’s was, do some engagement in the community, first, to get more familiar with our project.


Thanks for the big shoutout @finpunk !

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Do you need anything special or just the standard dinner? My question is connected to your purposes you are going to start from. If it is anything ordinary, will you add caviar with shampagne or just leave salads?

thanks for the reply it would be something ordinary like simple drinks and snacks ,just an ordinary dinner its fine we could leave out the salads