Horizen Meetup, Kaduna


In a nutshell my name is David but I am known as Skales on discord. I recently held a meetup on behalf of the horizen community on the 15th May, 2019 which was a great success. -view report-

With the knowledge that outreach programs are important to increase the awareness and adoption of horizen, I hope to hold a meetup on behalf of the horizen community in Kaduna State which I would be visiting soon.

Kaduna state, a state in Northern Nigeria with its capital being kaduna, is Nigeria’s largest textile-manufacturing centre and has other major industries as well, including an oil refinery. The state is made up of a population of 8,252,400 people.


The primary goal of this meetup is to educate students of kaduna state university on the usefulness of cryptocurrency whilst making horizen the central focus. Amongst many subjects that we would be discussing; we will be focusing more on Dapps and how it provides better user privacy.


Below is an estimated cost which would cover for the entire meetup

Item Cost Unit
Photo coverage 50 US DOLLAR
Venue 100 US DOLLAR
Give away (10 horizen T-shirt) 79 US DOLLAR
Refreshment 50 US DOLLAR
Reward 50 US DOLLAR
Contingency 32.9 US DOLLAR
Total 361.9 US DOLLAR
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Thanks for putting this proposal together however it does not currently fit within our event and meetup outreach strategy. Soon we will publish guidance on target locations and frequencies in the coming months.


Thank you @MedaR

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