Horizen Short Films (2 short movies about horizen)

Hello horizen community.
I have been thinking of ways to enlighten people around me about horizen, it’s Use case, how it could be used and integrations to real world applications in a layman way.

The tech part is what most people think blockchain is all about, they are forgetting its usefulness to solve real world problems, which is the major reason why adoption is coming. on my personal what’sapp group and Twitter to some groups i do teach crypto in i try as much as possible to let them see through the technology, features and to its real world uses and adoption possibilities.
Most people in the horizen community might be familiar with me while most might not be but anyways.

My name is Destiny Marshall,I’m a content creator who mostly does cryptocurrency theme songs and inspiration trading quotes when I’m bored. lol

I love unique blockchain project and one of those is the horizen project and i have been finding ways to add my own fractional values with the skills i posses. I’m a media person with vast knowledge on digital marketing also.

So i came up with an idea of creating useful educative and insightful media contents for marketing and entertainment purpose, “Horizen Short films”.

This proposal is centered around making a short video clip of about 1 to 2 mins around the horizen project. This Short movie will emphasize the in depth use case and features of the project. It will be orchestrated and directed to promote the project with positivity.

My team and i will be making use of some strong and nice concept to convey a vital message to the viewers and by so, communicating and making a crucial remark of to what the project entails.
The script and content in question will be written by me to make sure it’s up to what i have imagined from inception of writing this proposal to its completion.

Why is this proposal needed
Apart from me trying to see where I can add value and ways to use my skills on adding some few things that positively impact the horizen project, i think producing professional media contents for awareness and visibility is needed. This short videos will be designed to communicate with the viewers and program their minds towards blockchain technology and the project in question usecase.
This media content, the short clips will be insightful and very easy to understand. it will be designed for viewers to relate with their personal activities while passing the message across to them.

How many videos do we intend to make
My team and i will be making only two short clips through this proposal for a start. After completing and delivering this short clips, and if it is supported by the community, we will make another proposal for the continuation of the horizen Short Films.
We urge the community to share this videos and promote it in their own way, not after this proposal has pass though and we have submitted it for community and project usage.

Budget for The 2 video.

  1. First video
    Content and script = $250
    Video :video_camera: coverage = $300
    Editing = $100
    Project Material like swags / Contingency = $50
    Logistics = $50USD
    Total = 750 USD

  2. Second video
    Content and script = 250 USD
    Video :video_camera: coverage = 300 USD
    Editing = 100 USD
    Project Material like swags / Contingency = 50 USD
    Logistics = 50USD
    Total = 750
    Grand total = 1500 USD.

Delivery for each videos will be every month after shooting and editing has been done, So approximately its 2 months for the completion of the two short films.

What do you guys think?
Feedbacks are well appreciated and welcome.

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i’m a fan of trying these out. you’ve been a great support to the community and i’d like to see these kinds of community-generated media proliferate. Will pass along to the marketing folks to see what we can do budget-wise…


Thank you for the acknowledgement!
I believe it will be a great experience to get something like this out and like you said, community activities increasing which is a good idea and positive vibe for the project.

I hope to create a paradigm that can motivate more community members to do awesome iconic things for the project with their skills, ideas and talent.
I look forward to seeing it’s completion.
Appreciated and Thank you.

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Unfortunately budgets are being focused on core engineering…So for now we will pause all other expenses we didn’t projected. in our budget.

Thank you for posting this proposal.


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i just want to add that we need more of these kinds of ideas, so posting here and thinking outside the box on how to help the project is super appreciated. i wish we weren’t so squeezed with the market, but i’m confident things will improve and we can resume community-driven activities like this.

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Sure, i understand the process.

Yeah, i believe sometime in the future the market would be green again. I quite understand what many projects are passing through, its bear and everyone needs to bear with the market but for some months or years :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

hopefully not that long, but for now we need to trim down as much as we can to keep expenses within budget. Can’t wait to move past this and see more of these kinds of community projects funded.

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Me too… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: exciting times ahead. Thanks for your audience and also medaR. Yeah saw Horizen core devs are really working really hard.