Horizen Sponsoring the blockchain Saturday

Before i go further - First - let me introduce myself.

my names are Destiny marshall, i am a crypto evangelist, blockchain musician, on Chain blogger and finding ways to leverage awesome technology like that of blockchain projects, founder of the project atlas.

(A crypto project dedicated to promote other crypto projects with its crowd force https://steemit.com/@project-atlas)

i have been an active member with so many projects and of the reasons was to be part of something Unique and creating something iconic with what i learned and ideas of blockchain. impacting what i know about a particular project to the people i meet and teach on any blockchain events like local meet ups around such like the blockchain Saturday.

Nigeria is known to be the heart beat of Africa aka giant of the continent - being an early adopter of blockchain technology and seeing what it could do to the world, the impact it could have on the financial sector, i have been very optimistic and kine to my dreams on chain, always finding ways to leverage it and above all, create much awareness of cryptocurrency and this technology with every avenue i found my self on.

With that said, the blockchain Saturday is a monthly event where we come together,Noobs, crypto enthusiasts and also crypto superstars and talk about the blockchain and how it could be put to use on a daily, we synergize ideas.

We invite reputable guests and crypto bloggers/this gatherings has been greased by so many people with high love for crypto projects even nigeria crypto exchanges - the moment is when the featured and sponsored project ambassador is given the podium to present their presentations about the said projects to the audience.

The venue used to be @ Digital Abundance Hub Lagos - ikeja
but we planned to take the events to other cities where we believed and have informations that they are many crypto enthusiasts that stays there, so the next meet up would be at ibadan.

little brief info about Ibadan

Ibadan is the capital and most populous city of Oyo State, Nigeria. With a population of over 3 million, it is the third most populous city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano

About Blockchain Saturday

Blockchain Saturday is a periodic meet-up where renowned experts, industry leaders and practitioners, as well as enthusiasts, within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem come together to synergize, share ideas, and network. This gathering is to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas to drive towards a more sustainable blockchain ecosystem in Nigeria. At Blockchain Saturday, it is our belief that the idea of the next disruptive project similar to Bitcoin, can be conceived at this meetup, and for that reason, every idea is worth considering as we work together towards the nurturing and development of projects that will later become products that will solve real-world problems.

We all can create an enabling environment that is geared towards learning, and against the imposition of ideas on participants.

To sponsor the January blockchain Saturday meet up.

The horizen project being among the crypto projects sponsoring the Ibadan blockchain Saturday.
I would be presenting Horizen to the audience and get to speak about Horizen at the event.

The benefits are countless, this would exposed many audience at the event to the horizen project and the use case of the blockchain and its features especially the new sphere by horizen.

Nigeria Crypto bloggers at the event, would blog about it, surely.they are also many reputable guests who definitely got to learn about the horizen and this is good cause no type of awareness is a bad one - and if the Horizen core team are happy with the first event they could keep sponsoring the event and this is good too to get a meetup that talks horizen monthly.
Jenuary 22nd

Expenses and Budget

  • We crowd source the funding of Hub centers, we only accept four sponsors on every event, for time reasons, for crowded presentations, the audience might not digest it, and for a healthier environment.
    -25% each = 100USD

The blockchain hub is crowd sourced by sponsors of the event and also the left over of the fiat are used to get the audiences refreshments after the events. (400 USD in total from all sponsors)

  • T-Shirts
    I will get 3 t-shirt for my team, and extra 5 to give out on the day of the event to audiences who were Active during my Horizen presentation and also who answered my questions.

In Nigeria , a T-shirt cost 5000 naira that is 15USD
8 t-shirts = 120USD

  • To the three members of my team on the event =60USD (20usd each)

  • My presentation at the event - 200USD

Grand Total = 480 USD

for more about me click here

Any comments or questions concerning the event and budget is most welcome.

I just did a remote meetup, where I presented by video, at a Horizen and Students for Liberty event in Ibadan last month. I agree there is a lot of interest in Nigeria in cryptocurrencies.

Some concerns I have about your proposal. In a new city, how will you get attendees?
How will you learn enough about Horizen to be able to present and answer questions about it?
What specific day in January are you looking to do the event on?

Funds for sponsorship are doable, but you are asking for a lot for a speaking fee. Perhaps we could work together to discuss different ways to do this.

Thanks - Rolf V.
Co-founder - Horizen

That’s a nice question
how will you get attendees?
The venue of the event used to be in Lagos “but we learnt that there is a growing number of people who are very interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency in Ibadan” and that’s why we have decided to move this fourth Edition to ibadan.
the recent one, we have a number of 32 to 38 audiences.
and to create awareness about the event isn’t a much difficult task, we blog much about this to get many people aware, at least 20 audience for minimum.

How will you learn enough about Horizen?
once you are in love with the space everything doesn’t seem rocket science no more. Horizen looks similar to a project i once presented in an event. and Horizen is different from many other projects too especially new features and softwares, apps and so on it has invented to simplify the ZEN project, there are alot of stuffs to talk about, and one is given 30 minutes not much but i cover lot more and share my knowledge to the audience.

For now its revolves around January 22nd or 25th,still not sure about the date schedule.
As I’m not the convener of the event but aids with the sponsorship and awareness of the event. Well, when the date comes on light, i will update that too.

Well for the funds isn’t that much,i did say in 200usd but i have in mind to create a banner of the horizen that will stand straight at the event from that 200usd and the banners would always be used on any blockchain meet up featuring Horizen.

well, yeah you are right, we could discuss a way to make sure things work out.

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ok, good talking with you on DM - looking forward to working together!