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Sanni Johnson
[email protected]

My name is Sanni Johnson but I am excellent on discord/twitter. I have officially been part of the Horizen community for some time now. Having gone through most of the community’s meetup report and request and also hosted tons of event for horizen in some parts of Nigeria and beyond, I will like to hold another meetup on behalf of the community in Abuja,Nigeria. Abuja is located in the centre of Nigeria, within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Abuja is a planned city, and was built mainly in the 1980s. It officially became Nigeria’s capital on 12 December 1991, replacing Lagos, though the latter remains the country’s most populous city. It is a place where the country’s money is being shared to other states or regions in Nigeria top policitians, aristocrats and people of the highest social rank are resident in Abuja.

An all around structured arrangement has been put out for the effective execution of this meetup. I will publicize the meetup program on meetup.com and other social media platforms for the most part centered around Abuja residents and there will also be advert on radio stations. Among other things, meetup participants will be given a Horizen instructive handout which would go about as a kind of guide for participants in future. With the end goal of none-verbal ad; we will likewise be giving participants Horizen stickers which they can attach to their vehicles, telephones or PCs and banners will be placed on vital territories in the city of Abuja. We will also reward active participants with zen to start up their own ecosystem. Other materials like t-shirts, pen,books and others will be made available to participants for souvenir and further spreading the word about Horizen.

Realizing that privacy is a basic human right and considering the security conventions that Horizen has instituted and how they continue enhancing it to give no spaces for trade off. With the goal to empower individuals to own their digital footprint and determine what they want to do with it, It is without uncertainty that Horizen is one of the cryptographic forms of money that would endeavor and advance. I trust protection, sidechain , treasury DAO voting system and innovative block DAG technology to be among the key highlights of cash later on and realizing that Horizen has been putting a great deal of endeavors into this has gotten me thrilled to work and keep working with horizen.

I started my crypto journey with filling airdrops and buying ico and selling when listed on exchange. In 2017 I joined ASFL an organisation with the goal of a freer future. Shortly after horizen partnered with ASFL in 2018. I contacted one of Horizen Co-founder Rolf Versluis to organise a meetup in Lokoja,Kogi state Nigeria. The meetup was a success with 100+ participants in attendance. After that have organised tons of meetups for horizen in some part of Nigeria(this includes: kebbi state,Nassarawa, Anyingba,kogi state,Oyo state & others and recently Kaduna state) countries include: Liberia & Benin republic. I was also opportuned to be listed as one of Horizen community star by the marketing team on twitter April,2019.

This event will be a one-day meetup which will feature sections like " a glimpse of what Horizen is all about" by Sanni Johnson, setting up paytomat & zenwallets by Sanni Johnson,Introduction to Horizen
Anothony Raymond Blockchain Expert: Block chain: A technology for Africa’s Economic development.
Full nodes and secure nodes,cryptocurrency & fiat by horizen representative.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The target audience for this event is majorly the students of University of Abuja & other crypto enthusiast with the aim of tearing down walls and bringing more people together.

OUTCOMES: The following are the expectations from the even:
A minimum of 100 participants
Spurring of interest in the students of the school and other participants who will be present to join the horizen community in moving the goal of privacy forward.

Proposed date: 27 July 2019

Proposed venue: ?


Items. Cost
Photo coverage--------------------------------------------------------------$50

Educational Kit (Horizen brochure * 250)------------------------$25

Promotional Kit (Horizen Sticker * 250)---------------------------$36

Pen --------------------------------------------------------------------_-----------$24



Total ---------------------------------------------------------------------------$500


Thank you for your proposal, now please be patient, till someone approaches you.:wink:


Thanks for this proposal, however it does not currently fit within our event and meetup outreach strategy. Soon we will publish guidance on target locations and frequencies in the coming months.