How to Create a Proposal for ZenCash

We want people to provide proposals for development, marketing, community building, and other creative ideas to improve and promote ZenCash. The proposals don’t have to be fancy. Here are some ways to get proposals going.

Here are some google docs that will help:

  1. About Proposals - 1 pager on what a proposal is and how to make one.

  2. Basic Proposal Template - 4 page example proposal that can be copied and modified.

Right now we would love to have people in the ZenCash community conduct many fast and small marketing activities to create a groundswell of ZenCash support. Anything that is less than 20 ZEN will get quick consideration.

Please copy the Basic Proposal template and use it to make a proposal!

  • For community members looking to join the Zen team as an official representative or country lead, the proposal process is a bit different because this is a salaried position. Please email [email protected] for more information and assistance in creating your proposal.

I set up three forum categories to help:

  1. We start discussion on new ideas with the “Ideas” category,
  2. People submit proposals on these ideas with the “Pitch Deck” category,
  3. And we all track performance for funded projects with the “Work in Progress” category

Definitely open to suggestions on how to improve this process. For now we just want something simple for anyone to be able to participate, while we build out the formal Treasury model with integrated voting.