How to empty your secure node wallet

I just wanted to drop here the lines of code which were kindly shared with me to empty my server side zencash wallet:

Step 1: get a confirmation of the amount of Zen coin you have in your z wallet on your secure node:

zen-cli z_gettotalbalance

Step 2: initiate the transaction of coins hosted on your secured node z wallet back to your desktop z wallet or elsewhere:

zen-cli z_sendmany zcSECURENODEWALLET7xuWUh8i69EThurpzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxk5KJBxwDCDqrQLxxxxxxxx5kG6VdBiH83WDTT8wo3ZPbNJy2oLxxxxx "[{\"address\":\"zcdesktopwallet5QtS7a3ktCxxxxxxxxVUARAHDYxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxnqYqN2UysN6v86oZE96dTDD9BMuvx1tgBt5a8Nvxxxxxxx\",\"amount\":0.888}]" 1 0.0

In this command line, you find:
1.the address the coins will be sent from zc: zcSECURENODEWALLET…
2. the address where the coins will be sent to: zcdesktopwallet…
3. Change 0.888 to the amount you want to move around.

if as a positive result of the command execution you get an:
, it means the transaction is started, it shall appear on your desktop wallet or elsewhere in matter of minutes.

Be patient. If you empty your wallet in several transactions you may find that the balance shown on the server wallet varies and may appear inaccurate. Wait, check balance after few minutes and try again. I was told this is made on purpose.

I tried to setup my secured node but failed. I guess I have limited skills and I am early in a protocol which needs time to mature. I’d be delighted to run secured nodes but it is not the right time for me and my skills set.

I remain a strong holder and will keep buying every week.

Service providers which runs secured nodes for unskilled holdlers will be super useful.

I would welcome such service. People running nodes for me against a fee. I hope to keep my domain name and be able to choose server location as well.

Think node40 for Dash.

Don’t ignore South east Asia servers, they’re key to any blockchain infrastructure.

Thanks to the mods and community on discord as well for their relentless help and kindness. Precious.


Awesome, thank you for sharing!

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