How to Get Max $ZEN on Horizen Faucet in 5 Minutes ✅

Faucet Daily Bonus

Here you can find all details how this STAR system works :

I have seen many questions from users on how this star system is working and why this loyalty system restarts on the day 6. Actually you are rewarded for consecutive coming on the day 5, when you are unlocking Bonus round:

Click on the blue chips and play the game.

And this is the reward ^^

But if you are looking for the Loyalty bonus yes we have that one and it is called HODL Bonus, check previous posts

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this such a great guide, thanks for putting it together! i know this is a hot topic on the minds of many :slight_smile:

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Excellent initiative for on boarding people with the project! Thanks for the videos!


If you have problems with Captcha check this post :wink:

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Read this crane guide, it 's great, tell me, and where to put the stacking coins, and as much as you need, something I didn 't find it

Your coins are in your wallet in the address you are about to verify.

Go to Faucet - > Extra rewards

Please notice that you have option for verifying of address

Here is the complete instruction for all wallet:

So basically your coins are always in your wallet on your device or PC.

Through the process of verification you are actually proving the ownership of those coins in your address.

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The quick answer, I already did all this after loading, I meant staking coins, you wrote: "set coins

Please check this link as well:

I can check your account on Faucet, but you will need to rise a ticket on the HelpDesk so I can get better picture about your problem/question.

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This is all good, but I thought that sending to the pool to place bets. advise a good pool. Another question: will the laptop processor be used in the pool ?
and how many coins are needed in the pool?

At first they answered, now they ignore me, probably I have stupid questions, then excuse me, then why the forum? At least tell me why the faucet does not pay for the third day, maybe something is wrong with my wallet?

As you said, I sent the necessary magazines to the support service … silence?

Currently we’re having issues with processing payments from the faucet.

Please be patient, once we resolve the issue, all payments pending will be paid out.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Keep visiting, as you will be paid for all awards, as payment processing resumes.


This is all good, but I thought that sending to the pool to place bets. advise a good pool. Another question: will the laptop processor be used in the pool ?
and how many coins are needed in the pool?

I don’t understand the question, what pool?

Nobody is ignoring you, we are probably different time zones, we have families too. Thanks for understanding :wink:

We responded to your Ticket, regarding Sphere by Horizen.

Thank you for the answers, I apologize for the impatience

P.S. send to pool to bet. ? Где есть хороший пул ?

There is no Pool, I’m not sure what you actually need.

Are we are talking about Faucet Hold Bonus?

Yes, I asked the wrong question, it’s not about faucet, I mean is there a good pool to put coins in? And will the laptop processor be used? And how many coins are needed to bet the pool? I apologize if I asked the wrong question again

Here’s a little sneak preview for a cool new game, House of Crypto, that’s including our very own Zenny and a Horizen House:

Maybe someone else can jump in and provide more info if there are already existing games :thinking:

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Ok but i don’t play games

I got more Zen yesterday than today?

Zatoshis given out will be within a random range, adjusted based on the daily USD price.
Please check the instructions:

An example:

This could actually made a bigger difference between Yesterday’s and Today’s claims.

You probably claimed at one point when price was lower so you got more ZEN yesterday, But today price jumped and you got less. This is how faucet achieving it sustainability, else it would be drained very fast, and it would be closed.

Thanks for understanding. :wink: