How to recover your Sphere By Horizen account with seed

Dear community,

You know that we love to help you to get the power back in your hands!

Cryptos permit you to be the ONLY owner of your funds. But you need to know everything to control it.

You may encounter troubles on your way to independence. But no worry, we are here to help you. In this new video made with MedaR, find how to restore your SBH wallet by using your seed phrase. Find also here to find this seed phrase when the wallet is open and also how to generate it when you create your account.

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thanks @CryptoManion for another great tutorial! The power of crypto is that people can take control of their own resources, which is all about getting comfortable with generating, storing, and safely using your own private keys. Helping the community learn these basics is so important and you and @MedaR have been doing such an awesome job generating this critical content.