I cant use Zen Faucet (VPN - Proxies)

Maybe is my internet provider.
Somebody can help me?

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Best place to start is: support.horizen.global

VNP and Proxy use is blocked, and as soon as you turn of your VPN you will be able to use faucet normally

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Sadly i cant do anything because in my country have only 1 internet provider!
Sorry my bad english i speak spanish, lol.

Yes i have same problem Office use proxy i can’t play

Because Fucker boss use in Office firewall . We can’t play

What country you are talking about? :thinking:

We cannot do much at the moment regarding this problem. :frowning_face:

At the moment, proxies & VPNs are not allowed on the ZEN Faucet.

So users who are using it are blocked only while they are using VPN, not banned.