I have wallet.awd , and name but forgot password

Hi all,

Well , I have zen node ,I have my name account & .awd but I forgot password…

My hardware is : Arizen Wallet

The problem I dont have 24 recovery words…

So any one have an idea ?

Thanksss !

Hi, DiskJockeyEd,

You will not be able to access the wallet without the password, unless you exported a private key or an unencrypted wallet file.

The Arizen wallet does not use a 24 word recovery phrase. That would be the Sphere By Horizen wallet.

I wish I had better news for you.


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@spencer Well , I have .awd file, “.awd” meaning its encrypted wallet no ?

How I can extract private key ? with .awd file or wallet.dat ?


Arizen uses *.uawd (uncrypted Arizenwallet database) and *.awd (Arizen wallet database) files.
Try to find your password, try to find .awd file , or private keys you exported before, if you can.
There is no wallet.dat file in case of Arizen. Only if you migrated previously from Swing to Arizen wallet and you might have have wallet.dat somewhere…

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Oh Okay , Well I’m sure I never export private key.

But I forgot password of .awd file :confused:

I am annoyed now.

The only solution is in that password.:neutral_face:

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F**k thanks man :confused: