I want to mine, hoping to get some suggestions here

I would like to dig zen, but there is no mining experience before, at present I am in China, English is not very good.
My question:
1 use amd and nvidia graphics which is more stable?
2 wallet Z address and T address What is the difference? Is there a correspondence between the two?
3. At present, a 6X1070 graphics card miner can dig how many zen?

Hope to get everyone’s help, thank you!

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If you use Windows, I recommend https://bminer.me for your mining software. It is also available for Linux, but I have not used that version.

Your English is quite good. I am sure that it is far better than my Chinese will ever be, though learning Chinese is a goal of mine.

The Equihash algorithm used by ZenCash is most effectively mined with Nvidia cards.

A “T” address is “transparent” and viewable on the blockchain:

A “Z” address is not viewable on the block chain. ZenCash is a privacy coin.

The gtx1070 card is actually a good card for mining zen.
I achieve approximately 450 h/s per gtx1070 using 110 watts of power.

6 x 450 = 2700 h/s

You can use the following website to ESTIMATE what 2700 h/s will yield:

You will need to supply your electric cost per watt in $US and your pool fee and miner software dev fee. 2.5% is a good number to start with. I would estimate an extra 150 watts for your motherboard and cpu.

Good luck! The more miners, the greater the decentralization of the network.

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