[IDEA] Mining only if you own secure or super node

Hello guys.

I want to suggest something, and I want to see all your opinions. Can we make mining ZenCash possible only for node operators, both secure and super nodes, at least until we fork from ASICs threat. I dont know if this is technically even possible, but lets discuss it here.

In case of an attack, team can just shut down/ban the node that is trying to attack the network, and we are safe. Its similar to PoS but the mining would still depend on your hashrate not on how much stake you have and you just had to do it using a node.

Yes this would make Zen a little centralized, but entry point for secure node is cheap atm, and if you do care about ZenCash to mine it you probably have one already.

I am afraid if we dont do anything, what is to prevent another attack ?

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Hi @Trololino,

is this a suggestion on discussion with community or real proposal and I should take care of it? Because from my point of view you want to start with discussion with people.

I think it’s great but maybe we should change the label “Proposal” to “Idea” and if we find any solution of this problem we can create a new topic as “Proposal” and ask leadership to take care of.

What do you think? :thinking::hugs:

Community Project Manager of ZenCash

Yes, its an idea, not sure if its even technically possible, would love some feedback from the devs on that.

Anyone with the capacity to 51% attack the network has the capacity to setup a 42 Zen node.

Yes, but once they start the attack, team can just block/ban their node from participating in the network. You could view secure nodes in this case as licence to mine, and if you harm the network, your licence is revoked.

POS only thats a trend this year.