Import private keys from Web Wallet to Swing wallet ✅

Go to Web Wallet

In case if you already have some funds in your web wallet you can skip to "Private key export"

I’m using my Swing wallet.dat as an example

If you have a wallet.dat file you can import it, this wallet and your funds will appear immediately, you don’t need to wait for synchronization. This file can be found here in case of Swing wallet->


This picture contains full path to this location, where you can find wallet.dat file.
in case of WIN OS
For Linux /appdata/roaming/Zen is ~/.zen
For Mac /appdata/roaming/Zen is ~/Library/Application Support/

This file is one you must copy on safe place!!!
Notice if you lose this file you can lose your funds.

Load your wallet.dat file.

After wallet.dat is loaded you can see your funds, but only in transparent addresses.
All addresses are listed and you must scroll down to find one with funds as in my case.

Private key export

If you need private key export, just go to export and select address with funds and similar picture will appear, you will get your private key.
Notice that this field and q/r code is marked and protected, because I dont want to share my priv key with no one!

Now just start your swing wallet and from many line choose import priv key. Please notice, this operation would take place only if your wallet is 100% synchronized. Also after every import operation back up your swing wallet.dat

This action will import multiple keys, and this action can take some time to be completed.

This way you you can import single private key to your wallet.