Introducing Horizen Hub

About US
I am the head of Africa cryptocurrency development team nicknamed Juwon123 on horizen discord channel. Am the CEO of and also working on a retirement savings plans for cryptocurrency in Africa (altsavings. com). I have some Zen coins and have worked for other cryptocurrency in Africa. Armed with little more than enthusiasm for the transformative power of cryptocurrency, Juwon has made great strides to date. I been spreading the word about cryptocurrency for months, and the results have been extremely encouraging. Person by person and village by village, I have seen awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency increase. Our efforts have seen stores and business places accept the cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange in Nigeria. I and my team have done good Job for DASH and am willing to do more for Horizen since I have a thick skin in Horizen why shouldnt l put my effort to other project?

After buying some Horizen and also interacting with the community i felt strongly positive to invest some time and energy into Horizen. Since this is the bear period, this would be a better opportunity for people to buy Horizen and join the community. So i decided to create a Horizen hub .

As the Horizen Africa hub Concept is to create a professional open source company, that can also be used in other countries and languages by other Horizen people it was clear for me to use this already established and tested framework (marketing materials, education, adoption and utility for integration, etc.) instead of inventing the wheel new. So, the first step is to set Horizen African hub and later help other countries in Africa to do the same.

As we are all aware: Cryptocurrency adoption is soaring throughout Africa, with many of the continent’s unbanked using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a store of value, medium of P2P exchange and form of remittance. Cryptocurrency is particularly valuable in countries where the local fiat currency is susceptible to inflation, or where a vast number of the populace are unbanked. Nigeria is one such country.

Like its sibling African states, Nigeria has a huge interest in cryptocurrency, with Google search data showing the country, along with other African nations, regularly topping the list for bitcoin enquiries. People in Nigeria aren’t just interested in hoarding cryptocurrency for its speculative value: it’s empowering them to gain their financial freedom, start their own businesses and free themselves from the yoke of government control.

o Introducing Dash to over 300 military personnel as a solution to the cross-border transaction limitation currently experienced in Nigeria.
o Organizing more than 20 successful meetups/seminars/conferences attended by over 1,500 Nigerians both online and face-face.

o Hiring professional translators to help our educational blog reach the unbanked and local indigene. Examples can be viewed here, here and here.
o Assembling a team of programmers to aid with Dash being used as a medium of payment via mobile apps and websites, being one of the most successful projects.
o Establishing the first ever grocery shop, boutique and a barber’s salon to accept Dash in Nigeria.
o Being the first group to speak about Dash at a Nigeria blockchain conference which was organized by Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria (CDIN), Blockchain Nigeria User Group, founded by Chimezie Chuta.
o Getting over 800 new Dash wallets to be created in Nigeria, a feat which was acknowledged by Dash Force News.
o Getting over 800 new Dash wallets to be created in Nigeria, a feat which was acknowledged by COINTELEGRAPH and CRYPTONA.CO with over 68,000 views and 400 shares on all social media.
o Hosting a Dash music and cultural festival with over 700 attendees where all music artists were paid in Dash and vendors sold their food and merchandise with Dash

Below some activity examples of the Horizen Africa hub

Marketing activity examples:

• Setup a Nigeria Horizen hub social media handles
• Setup the relevant social media channels for Nigeria (Hausa/Igbo/english), so also Nigeria people can get in contact with us in a comfortable way.
• List Horizen on exchanges in Nigeria
• Attend events like crypto-, finance-, fintech-, startup- or payment conferences for PAC
• Organise monthly seminars for business men and civil workers
Education activity examples:

• Start Horizen Ambassador network, offer learning Tools for ambassadors: People who want to help educating people about Horizen Need to be trained so we can make sure that everybody talking about Horizen as an “Official Horizen Ambassador” is spreading the truth. Using also official Horizen Presentations and marketing materials.
• Workshops (Horizen Tuesdays) with trusted partners
• Organize a Horizen roadshow to attract as many people as possible in venues like universities, co-working spaces and economic institutions.
• find partners for education lobbying to bring decentralization and Horizen to schools and universities on a regular base
• offer free workshops to institutions like banks, retailers, merchants and payment companies rather than integration pitches
• Educate Government, NGOs and associations

We believe that the cryptocurrency revolution has only just begun in Africa and Nigeria specifically and we see Horizen as being at the vanguard of that movement. Bitcoin, for all its brand recognition, is expensive to send, making it unsuited for P2P use in countries where the average worker earns less in a day than the cost of an average BTC transaction.

Ethereum is precluded for the same reasons; while not as costly to move as BTC, ETH transactions are still priced beyond the means of the average Nigerian, and the network also suffers from scaling problems that can cause it to slow down at peak times, which is not ideal for anyone reliant on using Ethereum to exchange goods and services in near real-time.

It is our view that Horizen is the cryptocurrency best suited to making inroads into Nigeria, and Africa as a whole. It is a coin whose characteristics are tailor-made for the sort of solutions Nigerians are seeking in a cryptocurrency: transactions are fast and cheap, the network is secure, the price is stable, and there is the option for private transactions. These attributes make Horizen ideal for use as both a store of value and medium of exchange in Nigeria. Juwon is now seeking funding to raise awareness of Horizen Throughout the country and help it become the country’s preeminent cryptocurrency.

Thanks to Nigerians’ demand for fiat currency alternatives, there is a unique opportunity for Horizen to gain a foothold in the market. We believe that via an extensive programme of education and promotion, it will be possible for Horizen to position itself as the country’s most popular cryptocurrency. If achieved, this in turn will have a knock-on effect in neighboring countries, and could potentially reverberate throughout the continent, giving Horizen a seat in the heart of the world’s second largest and second most populous continent of 1.2 billion people.


I and my team have worked tirelessly to spread the word and encourage adoption of the cryptocurrency through all sectors and segments of the country. The results have been extremely promising, but it is evident that this is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a huge untapped market in Nigeria for Horizen and cryptocurrency in general.

Due to the low cost of living in Nigeria compared to western nations, marketing spend delivers a greater return on investment. For the same amount as it would cost for a single billboard in a major European city, it would be possible to reach millions of people within Nigeria and educate them about ways in which Horizen can improve their lives. We are seeking funding to further our goal of achieving the following objectives:

Adoption: Despite our best efforts, the majority of Nigerians are still unaware of cryptocurrency and the revolution that is taking seed throughout Africa. To achieve our goal of seeing Horizen accepted as a utility based currency, we need the cryptocurrency to be adopted by as many people as possible. This means encouraging wallet downloads and installations of apps with Horizen functionality. Like Africa as a whole, the vast majority of Nigerians access the internet via mobile devices, so engaging with mobile users is vital. The more Horizen users there are and the better informed they are, the more pressure there will be on exchanges and merchants to start accepting Horizen as a means of payment.

Utility: most of the major cryptocurrencies, is now seen primarily as a store of value. We want to change that. With Bitcoin and Ethereum crippled by fees, Horizen is positioned to capitalize on this and establish itself as a medium of exchange. Getting merchants and crypto users to accept Horizen is an arduous process in countries where legacy financial payment processors such as Visa are deeply entrenched.
We believe we can convince a significant number of users, exchanges and merchants to accept Horizen ,which in turn will generate positive press coverage about ways in which Horizen is being used as a utility, further accelerating its adoption, and enhancing the perception of Horizen as a cryptocurrency for everyday use.

Education: This will be an initiative that seeks to foster Horizen Pofessional advocates. These will be individuals from all walks of life who will serve as ambassadors for Horizen. Bloggers, journalists, creative idealists, marketers, developers, student etc. with the right professional character and enthusiasm for all things Horizen will be encouraged and educated in ways they can help spread the word.

We will equip these influencers with the right tools and training to ensure sure they can talk about Horizenand advocate its use while spreading concrete facts and truths. One of the benefits of training these individuals through Horizen Nigeria Hub website is that they will then be positioned to arrange and organize seminars for other people in their field. Thus the benefits of inducting a lawyer or soldier into Horizen hub will have far-reaching effects throughout these professions.
After the crash course they will be given a Horizen starter kit: the starter kit is the first step into the fascinating world of Horizen. It enables an easy introduction to the materials and allows you to create your own secure Horizen wallet and to transfer your first Horizen to it. Also contain all information about supernodes. The starter kit contains all the components and instructions you need to this end.

The Starter Kits Contain:
• Our Horizen booklet with a comprehensive, easy to understand introduction to the topics
• A Horizen tee-shirt.

We also intend to offer Horizen monthly base meetups for crypto users and non crypto users, which will encourage startups and entrepreneurs to share their expertise, helping Horizen hub To gain, not only knowledge about the cryptocurrency, but also practical skills that will make them more effective at hosting Horizen-themed events and business ventures.


• 2 Horizen Meetup in Lagos, Nigeria. Our first 5 Horizen students will invite other students to the Horizen Meetups and also will be learning more about Horizen so they organize their own Horizen Meetup. We will do the meetups in 2 different hall that has restaurants.
• Horizen DAY: A Horizen day with 100 and above attendees.
o The attendees will learn about Horizen in a PRACTICAL, not only theoretical, way.
o The attendees will receive token in Horizen so they can buy their food during the break.
o attendees will do games and activities and the winners will receive a Horizen
merchandise (T.Shirts, caps, USB and glasses), they will have to pay a small amount of Horizen so they can play the games.
We will be building a website with all necessary information in the three major languages in Nigeria which will be translated into topics like this:

  1. Welcome and intro
  2. what is blockchain
  3. What is HORIZEN
  4. Exchanges to buy Horizen in Nigeria
  5. Horizen Wallets and how to vote
  6. The DAO
  7. Social Networks (telegram, FB, Discord)
  8. We will create a Horizen Telegram channel so we can be in communication.
  9. Horizen video tutorials
  10. Upcoming events
  11. Live customer care service for Horizen.

Exchanges for future integrations
• TruexGold
• Sato wallet
• Coindirect
• Gredoe-currency
• WegoEx
• Digital Kudi
• Utility APP integration:

Nigeria Horizen hub Roadmap

  1. Release 4 exchange integration
  2. Educational seminars for users and those who want to setup Horizen super nodes
  3. Press coverage
  4. Video report


  1. Over 200 new Horizen download
  2. Educational Seminar
  3. Two major conference 2019
  4. Press coverage
  5. Horizen C fiat exchange integration
  6. Scale up PR work
  7. Roll out consumer focused strategy (CFS)
  8. over 500+ 0Horizen Wallet download
  9. Social media followers
  10. Website for tutorials and training
  11. Press coverage and massive awareness

Job title: Crypto Adoption Activist project manager and founder Dashcart/AltSavings
Social media link: oluwajuwon-micheal
Qualification: Degree in computer science, skilled in C++. PHP, Mobile Application Dev, Solidity

Lucky Uwakwe
Qualification: C.S.S Digital currency specialist, MSc digital currency and blockchain technology University of Nicosia Cyprus

Rebbekah Asseh
Job title: SEO, content Developer. Social media marketer

First milestones budget
Set up Horizen Africa Hub website and pay for domain (with SSL): $1,000

Set up Twitter, Instagram and whatsapp channel for Horizen and expand followers and engagement for one month: $500

Graphic arts for social media:$200

Horizen Africa content development translated into two major languages in Nigeria Including white papers at a Total estimate of 10,600 words at 0.20 USD = $2,120

We would like to start with a working Nigerian site with local contents before contacting exchanges and merchant also before rolling out more business and government seminars.

Success Criteria
• Submit a monthly report to the community during project implementation
• Twitter and Facebook for the general public
• Submit analysis of the website .
• Social media engagements

Thank you for the comprehensive proposal. At this time we cannot move forward with any proposals. It’s a great idea just cannot move forward with current budget and market conditions. I encourage you to continue spreading the HORIZEN message :blush:

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Please close out these contacts on a more positive note. You can’t say firm “No” then expect the requester to spread your message. Ask for them to check back in X amount of time, and tell them you’ll reconsider as the market conditions improve.

Yes, we are waiting for market condition to improve. I don’t see a problem with the statement above, no one said “NO” proposal is just paused for now. We were always been transparent and direct.

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That’s what I am trying to convey. You don’t need to be direct or firm at all times. It does not help the long term prospects of your project. Anyway, moot point now.

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I see not only interesting and advanced in many areas person, but experienced professional. That is why my question is about your team allowing of trading bots like using of . It is rather necessary part for newbies especially.