Is <144,5> fork going to happen in the near future?

I haven’t heard recent news ragarding ZenCash POW switch to equihash<144,5>.
I am wondering, what is the status of moving to 144,5?

I have the same problem as you.
I have been waiting, but no one has answered me.

Hi @Funakoshi and @lzw3200,

many people are on vacation and Forum discussion isn’t so fast these days. I can recommend you our Discord channel #asic-resistance. Maybe our engineers could answer all your questions there.

Kind regards
Community Project Manager of ZenCash

Hi there! With the double spend, our priority shifted to ensure the safety of our network. I’ll repost a response I added to reddit. Priorities shifted when we experienced the double spend, the safety of the network is the most important priority. Once we’ve released the interim solution adjusting Satoshi’s consensus, we will refocus on evaluating a change in algorithm. This is a philosophical question… Changing algorithms or parameters is inherently a short-term solution. Hardware will eventually catch up and the cycle will continue. The long-term solution we are excited about is moving towards a block-DAG protocol that can potentially enable solo GPU mining. We are still in the research process for our block-DAG study. IOHK has adjusted parameters on Phantom and is currently test. We believe our scaling solution can be a potential long-term solution.

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This would be huge for zen to be asic resistant and one more unique feature added

í cant open the link

Hi @ollie,

the invitations for Discord are usually time limited (or not, it’s up to creator). Here is a new link with 24hrs limitation.

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Community Project Manager of ZenCash