Joining the development team

Hello everyone,

I am wondering whether or not the team are looking for developers to work on various functionalities such as ZenHide, ZenTalk or whatever else the community is working on currently. I have a background in computer systems (almost finished undergrad). I have great experience in c++, and have worked on projects such as building compilers for OOP languages, as well VM. I also have good experience in machine code, however I believe that wouldn’t be too pertinent for this style of development. I have familiarity in python, java and c as well.

Is there a process for up and coming developers to join the team? I have been doing lots of research into insuring I understand the ZenCash project, and getting familiar with the code base of bitcoin and Zencash on their relevant githubs.

At the very least, is there a process someone could lead me to speed up on the familiarization process with the project?

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Hey there @physaul thanks for reaching out. Good timing since we’re in works of reorganizing the team. I’ll shoot you a private message and we can discuss further.

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@finpunk I PM’ed you as well. Similar kind of profile (C++ and JS), and I’m a node operator.


awesome will respond to your PM…