Let's create green funding

As all the blockchain, horizen use nodes powered by electricity (without counting the mining…). I think it could be a true breakthrough if it was planned to create a sustainable development system alongside with the horizen development.

To be more precise, the idea would be to fund green energy production wherever this is needed for the horizen blockchain (to make it the first true green blockchain). Obviously we need a group of people reviewed by the community to check if the projects are not bullshit. This group of people would also be here to help the development of such project (since this is not easy to set up a green production energy, you have to take care a lot of things).

In a concise way, i propose horizen create and fund a group of people whose the jobs would be to develop green electricity. The fund in the long term coming from the electricity produced (since running a node is not going to drink all, some will be sold to local user).


i’m all for exploring ways to reduce our environmental footprint, and so is our R&D Director, Alberto. We’ve had some interesting convos in this regard, so it’s nice to see there’s community interest. one thing i think is a huge step forward is the upcoming mainchain-sidechain architecture. By driving all of our app activity to PoS sidechains and the mainchain being a blockchain of blockchains, we’re at least reducing the average PoW required per operation.