Let's set up a ZEN faucet

Anyone want to set up a cool ZEN faucet? Let’s hear some ideas…


I can setup a custom one, for a while I’ve been wanting to mess with the RPC


That’d be awesome.

I’d support tinkering with one. I feel like every legit cryptocurrency project needs to go through that right of passage :slight_smile:

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I just used this one successfully: http://getzen.cash/


That’s the one @rocket set up for us!

And currently down for increased protection against bots gaming the system…

Should be back up soon!

Still down? Just tried the site and it claims my address isn’t valid?

i believe so, yes. @rocket do you have an updated estimate on when the faucet will go live again?

By the end of next week it will go live again @idleshell @finpunk

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hooray to @rocket for getting http://getzen.cash/ back online!


Hello. can you kindly check the getzen.cash website. it is down and have some weird error. Thank you

I have also been trying to use the faucet, but it appears the error is because the faucet has run dry, there is no Zencash in the faucet to give :frowning:

The faucet appears to be empty - I’ve just sent it 1 ZEN to check to see that it is still working OK.

I see that the faucet does now have some funds in it, but when trying to use it it always comes up with this error

An error has occured. Try Again Later. getZen.cash only accepts transparent adresses,

Even when using a transparent address

It was empty again. I’ve just sent another 1 ZEN, that’ll keep it going for a day or 2 at best.

Who funds the faucet generally? Should this be the community or should this come out of development fees?

@rocket @Rowan and others have been generously funding, but could certainly see a case for community funds supporting.

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