Lost wallet.dat - how to run with old one

Hello, running Horizen Desktop GUI Wallet.

I have lost wallet.dat, cutted (from Appdata/…) and coppied to an external device, that I have deleted and use again. Trying to recover with no success for the moment.

Yes, I know it sounds stupid…

Yesterday I found and old copy of wallet.dat (well, in fact all the Appdata/Roaming/Zen folder).

I have new addresses now ( almost sure all of them not shielded) and I am not sure how to open it / recover all the coins inside. Not sure if just pasting and running the daemon will work.


Fastest way should be use of myzenwallet: https://myzenwallet.io/

Please check this topic: Myzenwallet - Web Wallet ✅

This way you can manipulate only T addresses, but for Z (shielded addresses you will need to use swing wallet)

SWING Wallet:

  • Download latest version of the sing wallet and install it

  • Start your application
    Now you can wait for sync or you can speed up

  • You can speed up processes of synchronization bootstrapping…
    Close application before you start and be sure ZEND is not running in the behind.
    check this video: https://youtu.be/juc1lC-qGWY

  • Close your application
    notice that application after first start will Create new wallet.dat file (empty, no transactions, no ZEN in it)
    Now place your wallet.dat (the one with funds) file here:

  • Start your application and after wallet is 100% sync you are ready to move you funds.

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