Make shielded transactions on mobile wallets possible

I really miss the possibility to do a shielded transaction with my mobile wallet. I’m sure this would lead to a broader adoption, if Horizen mobile wallets could do private transactions.

In our fast pacing time people always have their mobile phones with them and being able to spend their money anytime, everywhere and anonymously is important to a lot of people. Adding the anonymous part would really make the difference in why people should use Horizen instead of anything else.

I know zk-sharks requires a full wallet as of yet to do a shielded transaction (and probably maintain a shielded address), but is this really something unsolvable? I don’t think so.
I guess there are at least 4 possible solutions to enable shielded transactions for mobile wallets:

  1. make a full wallet client for mobile devices. I know it’s a bit deterrent to have the whole blockchain on your smartphone, but with all newer phones having 64GB+ of storage + SD card and at least 3GB+ of RAM, this could at least be a solution.
  2. Allow a bridge like Arizen wallet does on mobile wallets and enable your secure node to do shielded transactions for your mobile wallet.
  3. Develop a sidechain for the purpose of handling shielded transactions for mobile wallets.
  4. Integrate ZCash’s Sapling to make shielded transactions on mobile devices possible.

If there would be full clients for mobile wallets, this would also enable ZenChat to be usable on every Android or iOS wallet by the way.