Merchant Outreach & Brand Awareness Campaign

"Continuing the discussion from Idea on how to promote zencash:

Research and Development - -

Explore the options for Merchant Services Integration:
2.Cointopay - Shopify stores can now accept ZEN! - merchant plugin with automatic currency conversion
6.Peer-to-Peer Payments
7. integration with Local Merchants
Zen Wallets Business-to-Business!

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@Itsmee.Bosslady, this you proposal is awesome but my problem is, how do you create peoples awareness of Zencash? Because people have to know what Zencash is before they can buy into it’s ideas. So in other to curve this, a strategic campaigs must be adopted to increase the awerenes of this create coin to the populace before reaching merchants. But I don’t think the management is putting campaugns as their priority to increase peoples awareness.

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Those are great points…We’ve experienced the same challenges trying to get merchants to accept bitcoin, or sometimes just download a wallet. These days there are even more options to integrate crypto as a payment option…but each one takes time to figure out. And how will merchants & service providers know which option is best for them?

I think it would be good to research each option, document best practices and share our experiences with the ZEN community before we launch a mainstream campaign…

I would like to continue our local, grassroots approach - as others have expressed on the Trello - -

For example…both ZEN and DASH are sponsors of Free Talk Live Radio.

( great show btw - excellent interview with @finpunk about the 51% attack HERE )

Right now there are several merchants accepting DASH in Portsmouth, NH due to a grassroots outreach campaign in that area. Here’s the host Ian discussing it today…

We could use a similar strategy around the meetups, by hosting them at Crypto Co-working and incubator spaces. People that gather at these spaces usually have crypto and know the basics of transacting. :+1:

We need to empower these meetup organizers to become ambassadors and evangelizers in order to create this new P2P economy…

1 - -The organizers visit the businesses/restaurants near the space and request to make a decent sized purchase on the day of the meetup if they’re willing to accept ZEN…

2 - - Once someone opens a new wallet we should give them at least $10 worth of ZEN, and connect them with the businesses/restaurants in the area to spend it…

3 - - We need to work on our list of preferred crypto providers…this is what DASH has put together…

They even have a LIVE CHAT…


Wow! These your ideas are superb hope to see Zen community adopting that same approach. Because people have to spend something they know and in other to tell somebody what u are capable of is to approve to that fellow. So hope to see Zen team on project like this approach l.

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Thanks! I appreciate the support! :smiley: We’ve learned a lot over the last few years organizing meetups and just talking with people about bitcoin and crypto daily…

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