Method to get more zen

Active alls your account facebook,twiter,linded


И привязав свой кошелек.

and make sure to verify your receiving address from the faucet. this is important not just for extra rewards (1.5x bonus), but everyone ought to control their private keys and sending floods of small utxos to exchanges makes wallet maintenance much more difficult. It’s one of those actions that’s good for individuals and good for the network, so just do it.


Ccol i earn more and more zen by day.very cool.i love zen.if i can get zen t-shirt it will very good

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It would help us to enable referral earnings on every claims.

What do you mean? a spin tour (tour bonus) at every claim?

I mean, if refer claim every day once as if we can earn also from refer

That’s an idea, maybe in the future. Thanks :slight_smile:


Sometimes online daily

i know this thread is about earning more from the faucet, but we should think broader and deeper about how we can empower the community to take useful actions for growing the ecosystem and get rewarded for doing so. This is the ultimate mission for what we’re doing here at Horizen.

How can we make this project more broadly empowering? How can we make this YOUR project, and not have people feel like they’re outsiders making suggestions to insiders who might, or might not, implement them? But with empowerment comes responsibility! Generating ideas is one piece of the puzzle, but so is taking action to make things a reality. Ideas + hard work = success, and we need to all contribute in whatever ways we can.