Miners and ever changing Algorithms

But what is bottomline about miners?
51% attack?
But with secure and supernodes, can they still do it?

Miners - as proven by Monero and Zcoin, ever changing algorithms or GPU mining does not protect the coin’s decline in price.

In my opinion, mining algorithms only benefits the developers as they know ahead of time on how to take advantage of the upcoming mining strategy so they can mine most of it - “it does not protect the value of the coin” from pump and dump.

Level the playing field for a new hardfork.
10% Secure Nodes.

10% Super Nodes.

10% Wallet Staking Nodes similar to Energi - this is for small amount staking. Why? It will bring big Volume, the multiplying effect.

15% Development Expenses.

55% Miners - keep the old ASIC.

just a suggestion.

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We can start with a sidechain that’s simple to use, like a lottery drawing, like a California daily 3, to keep the community active.

Early excerpt from White Paper 2.0:

Thinking of ecosystem contributions on the margin has some big implications. For instance, we are forced to think of classes of contributors, such as miners, as providing a service for which we have diminishing returns over an objective range. In this case, think of mining as providing security to the network, and after some threshold hash rate, additional security has diminishing returns. Rewarding contribution on the margin would imply dynamically matching block rewards with the utility of hash rate. Doing this in practice is much more difficult, as there is uncertainty in security thresholds and potentially severe consequences for not meeting the minimum, let alone the engineering challenges of implementing such a dynamic system.

So bottom line is that we should think of every incentives such that they reward contribution on the margin of value; miners secure the network and that’s an extremely valuable service up until it’s sufficiently secured from attack (in reality plus some hefty margin), and then utility of additional hash rate declines. Compensation for such diminishing utility mining out to dynamically adjust down, in theory, but in reality we’re not yet tooled to make such adjustments.