Missing coin balance from mining

I’ve been mining Zencash for awhile now with a specific wallet. I just launched the ZENCash wallet app on Windows 10 and I can’t locate my wallet address that I’ve been mining with under ‘Own Addresses’ and my entire coin balance is at 0.

Will everything be correct once the wallet is done syncing with the blockchain?

What mining pool are you using? How large is the transaction you are expecting to see? Did you verify you owned the address prior to mining? I would suggest waiting for the wallet to finish syncing. You should also verify address balance on explorer.zensystem.io to confirm the exchange has processed the transaction.

If you’re sending the mining rewards to the Swing wallet, just make sure it’s fully synced…you should see 100% synced on the bottom right. Swing downloads a full copy of the blockchain, so, depending on your network connection, could take hours…in some instance I’ve heard users say it took days.

Here’s where your wallet.dat file should be located on Windows:



If you cannot see the address you are mining with, under ‘Own Addresses’ -> that’s bad! Then this address probably does not belong to the wallet! Where did you get the address you are mining with? If you got it from the ‘Own Addresses’ UI TAB, it should still be there…

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I think everything has already been covered, let us know how you get on once your wallet has fully synced and we’ll help out if we can.