Myzenwallet - Web Wallet ✅

What is myzenwallet?

MyZENWallet is a client-side browser-based wallet for Zen.
Keys are validated client-side and do not leave your browser or network.

How to start? :bomb:

Click on Settings:

1. Chose first option: Enter secret phrase

After you select, just close this window


Enter a strong but easy to remember secret phrase. Save this somewhere and do NOT forget it.

After clicking on generate, your wallet will be created

List of addresses is created and you are ready to use this wallet. :slightly_smiling_face:

2. Chose Second option: Load wallet.dat


If you have an old wallet such as SWING, you can insert file.


Close this window after choosing second option.

Click on select wallet.dat

And wallet will open all T addresses from this file.

And you are ready to use your wallet :wink:

3. Chose Third option: Paste private key

This is probably most used option as you can insert your Private keys from the Mobile wallet, or from Swing, Arizen and Paper Wallet.

Private key is always the longer one:

Copy Private key, insert it into myzenwallet and click on unlock PK

Only one address will appear, the one that matches your private key

Same would be inserting Private keys from the Mobile wallet:

Go to mobile setting and get your private keys ^^

Copy Private key and insert it into myzenwallet.

Same with Paper wallet

Most important is that you can distinguish what is public address and what is the private address.
Private key is longer and it should stay on the safe place, and never to be exposed, otherwise you can lose your funds.

Brief introduction with myzenwallet menu

Info (self explanatory) :bulb:

Send ZEN :wave:

From here we can send some ZEN

Sign Message :white_check_mark:

You can sign a message using your address, mostly used by Faucet users.

Export :lock_with_ink_pen:

From here you can export your private keys.

Send ZEN :wave:

From the menu select your ZEN address (one with the funds)

Chose the address where you want those funds to be sent

Paste the address:

Insert the amount of ZEN you want to send
Check that checkbox

Click on Send

Done, ZEN is sent!

Now lets check this on the Blockchain:

Click on this link:

Transaction is confirmed

Sign Message :white_check_mark:

I will use ZEN address created using Paper wallet in previous example:

This key can come from the other wallets, Swing, Mobile , Arizen
Insert Private key and unlock the wallet.

Click on Sign Message

This is the only address in the wallet so I will chose it.

(now we have our ZEN address what is next?)

Now lets go to Faucet

Click on verify


Enter the address, click on save and then next

Copy your Secrete message

And now go back to myzenwallet

Paste your Secrete message

Click on Sign and you will get your signature!

(we are almost there)

Copy this signature! And lets go back to Faucet

Paste your signature ^^ and click on verify


Address is verified!

and if I claim I will get confirmation:

How to use myzenwallet with Faucet :+1:

Go to myzenwallet - >

From the setting chose first option and close this window
(as i have explained in previous posts)

Chose your passphrase and click on generate wallet (dont forget this passphrase!!! else you will lose your funds)

List of addresses is created:

You don’t need to use all those addresses, but only one if you are planing to use it for Faucet.

I will use this one selected:

Go to faucet paste your address and press save

solve the captcha and press the CLAIM



Please notice that I don’t have verified address so I will need to wait till the next Monday

This why it is important to Verify your address, so you can get payments instantly
I will do this verification now. :bulb:


And verification is done.

Lets try now to use faucet. :wink:


As you can see address is verified and you have confirmation after you claim.

After claim when I check the claims history I will see that my transaction is processed :heart_eyes:

All my claims are there ^^ on the Monday :white_check_mark:

Video instructions

myzenwallet for Faucet verification.

Discover this video in English:

And en français également :

Private keys manipulation

In english:

Et en français :


Working on :slightly_smiling_face: