New ZenCash Pool!

Hello fellow ZenCash miners!

Like some of you here, I was personally burned by NiceHash when they were hacked about a month ago. Many miners, some brand new to the scene and some who have been mining for a while were jolted into finding a new pool to call home. One pool after another I joined to resume operations had one or many problems. High fees, slow, suspiciously low payouts despite the advertised pool fee, etc.

Fed up with the experience, and armed with a background in systems and network administration, I decided to launch my own pool. My goal for this pool from the beginning has been to offer very low pool fees, and ensure high reliability and responsiveness. Why did I choose Zen? Initially, it was because it was (and still is) one of the most reliably profitable coins to mine. Additional reasons like the great community and support to the features of the coin itself have turned me into a believer. I think Zen will be one of the few coins to survive in the long haul, which is important if you plan to mine and hold.

A little information about the pool:

-US based pool server hosted by Google Cloud
-Very low fee structure to maximize mining profit (0.25%)
-PPLNS reward system that rewards miners loyal to the pool with increased profits over the long term
-2 pool operators and developers to ensure stability and support for new features
-No registration required and automatic payouts at 0.1 ZEN
-Friendly support available (via email presently)

Help us challenge the larger pools and support decentralization!

Check us out @

Thank you for considering us!