Offline transactions

I was thinking that it would be cool if we introduced offline phone to phone transactions. Since this cryptocurrency aims to help people who don’t have access to banks, it would be nice to introduce an offline option of payment through SMS, NFC etc.
Any comments on that?

I like the idea and we could take it one step further than just phones/mobiles for offline transactions. Why not make a card for people to carry with them and help them (and merchants) adjust to the change from fiat to crypto? Something akin to what MCO/ is doing with their platform…having a card that people can use offline as well as with their phones/mobiles so they don’t have to be connected to use them. Ways that this could be done could be the way that MCO/ is doing which is a sort of loan which is converted into fiat to be used at the POS (point of sale). Just a thought, but something that could take off if done the right way.