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20:50 - - Actually I know Bitcoin Morpheus…We met at a Bitcoin conference a few years ago, and yes he would only accept payment for bitcoin with cash in person or through the snail-mail lol…

Along with organizing regular Bitcoin meetups, Morpheus on-boarded many new merchants & businesses to the Phoenix area.

Not only was he actually legit, he was a huge inspiration for why I decided to become a full-time crypto evangelist.

Until they locked him in a cage for selling bitcoin to undercover cops who were posing as drug dealers… :neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow::confounded:

By coincidence Morpheus got a shout out from the guys on the Crypto Show last night! He was known for coining the term “Intangible Commodity” to describe bitcoin…

Everyone I asked about Morpheus had only good things to say about him, and his reputation on Local Bitcoins and Bitcoin Talk was stellar - I don’t believe he’s the “criminal” the cops made him out to be.

  • -Eric Lombrozo and Roger were even tweeting about him

It reminds me of what happened to Ross Ulbricht - - they’re making examples out of people and we shouldn’t take this lightly…