Participation in a new global initiative

After the conversation with the person responsible for marketing “Horizen” - I would like to introduce you to the Floyx platform.

Our mission?
Companies, organizations, famous people - nowadays they have to run several social media profiles, including facebook / twitter / medium / reddit / steemit etc. It takes a long time to reach the distributed crypto community around the world.
Floyx - is an alternative. Profile management in one place, where we ultimately want to associate the entire crypto community and fans of blockchain technology. We offer advanced tools, extensive search engines and applications for mobile devices (android and iOS). And all for free.

Keeping an account and using Floyx tools is completely free for everyone. The project is not ICO, it is not looking for funds - it was financed from private funds.

What does floyx offer?
Ability to add fast posts - an alternative to Twitter.
The ability to write articles - an alternative to Medium.
The possibility of organizing events and inviting the community - an alternative to coinmarketcal and facebook, except that events can only be added by companies (so there is no possibility of attempting to cheat and manipulate information, as in the case of coinmarketcal)
Keeping your Personal profile - an alternative to Linkedin.
Running the Company profile - an alternative to all social media + financial tab - an alternative to coinmarketcap (while directly on the company profile, information about the currency is updated every 5 minutes - its price, volume and exchanges).
Keeping the ICO profile - to minimize the possibility of cheater, verified projects by the team and the community.
Notification system for events.
Advanced search engines divided into account types: personal / ico and company - an innovative tool that is not found on any social media.
Messanger - an alternative to Facebook.
Profile protection with 2fa system - an innovative solution to increase security.
Accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment on the site, for items that will appear in the future, e.g. games / access to groups, etc.
In addition, many other tools.

In addition, I attach a marketing video:

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When is the platform going live?

The site is active.
I invite you to familiarize yourself with its functionality:

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Thanks @Floyx!
Just signed up, looks good!:wave:

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We would like the person representing the “Horizen” currency to register the account. We would be grateful if the users could be up to date with the work progress of your project.

You can now use our internal tools for article writing. Enter, create, share… stand out in the crypto environment. Awards await for the best articles!

More information here: