[Proposal] Creating Horizen Awarness in Ghana Southern Part

Hy Horizen community am Fransoa from Africa, Ghana. I have interest in your meetup programs and am willing to work with such community will be glad if this proposal get much attention. Thanks Horizen community.

This proposal intends to create and increase awareness of horizen formally known as zen cash in the southern part of Ghana by hosting meet up program at my school campus where participants will be educate on crypto currency and the focus will be on horizen. Participants will get to learn how to install horizen wallet for the various operating systems, how to buy and how to use it. The participant that attend the program will be tip with at least 2$ each as startup and how they can earn horizen by given them the opportunity associated with it. The meet up is targeted for about 20 participants the first 15 participants will be reward with free horizen T-shirt at a cost of $50. Every participant will be given snack at a cost of $40.
What we want to achieve is that Horizen starts to grow, and for this the first meet up will be held at the Ghana technology university college, where the participants will be provided with information pertinent to the advances and uses of Horizen, in a space where we can discuss some opinions and clarify any doubt about it.
 Deliverable
 First successful meet up in Ghana Southern part.
 Horizen Ambassadors team within Southern part to preach more about horizen.
 Block browser link of giveaways transactions.
 Once the meet up is over, a report will be made with their respective photos in the different interactive media such as the forum, discord, etc.

 Execution of the meet up: It will be held on Friday 27/11/2018.

The cost to get this work done is shown in table 1 below.
 Itemized costs
This section provides itemized costs, in tabular form

Item Cost Units Comment
Snacks 40 $ Snacks will be given to the participants
That will show up (20 Participants)

Give Away 40 $ $ 2 to each assistant (20 people)

T- Shirt 50 $ Printed T-shirt with the Horizen logo that will be
given out.

Replacement 30 $ Expenses incurred in the payment of commissions for
Expenses conversion of ZEN to local currency

Venue 50 $ Hall for the presentation with projector and furniture

Total 210 $

A total of $ 210 is required; which is equivalent to 14.27 ZEN (1 ZEN = $ 14.67, at the time of writing 01/11/2018) necessary to successfully carry out this meet up according to the parameters described above.

Payment Schedule

Item Cost Units Comment
Snacks 40 $ Payment can be made 2 days before the meet up to
secure the snacks (25th)

Give Away 40 $ Payment can be made on the day of the meet up(27th)

T- Shirt 50 $ Payment can be made 5 days before the meet

Replacement 30 $ Payment can be made on the day of the meet up to
Expenses avoid the effects of volatility.(27th)

Venue 50 $ Payment can be made a day before the meet up to
secure the place(26th)
Total 210 $

The realization of this meet up is a step forward in the growth of Horizen in Ghana Southern part and Ghana as a whole, this proposal needs to be look at.

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Hi @Fransoa,

thank you for your proposal. I think it’s a great idea because we definitely support arranging of meetups!

I have two questions to make it clear:

  1. Giveaways 40 USD should be paid to participants or to some people who should help participants?

  2. Would it be possible to reduce the price and arrange the meetup in some cafeteria? It means not to pay for the place?

Also I have to inform you that we haven’t contributed with you before therefore, we cannot pay the funds before the meetup. The entire approved budget will be paid after the meetup once we’ll receive outputs (photos and video from the meetup) which we can share on out social media. This is standard process which is applied on every proposal.

My last point is that the price conversion for USD to ZEN is still the same. So, the price for conversion will be 1 ZEN = 13,78 USD.

Please, let me know your thoughts about the payment after the meetup and your answers for my two questions.

Thank you and have a great day!

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen


Thank you sir for your reply am very glad will the answering from question 1
The 40$ will be use to tip the participants that will show up for the programm.
And question 2 will try my possible best to for that but the situation at hand will be that i cant project my presentation it will be orally throughout.

Am ever ready to work with such community so no problem if am to submit my project before payment. Thanks sir am very glad for your reply wish to hear from u soon .

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Hi @fransoa I’m very happy to see this type of activities and meetups around the world and in Ghana!


Thanks for the support sir . Much grateful

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@Fransoa I would like to talk with you more about this. This is similar to the other remote meetups that I have done in Nigeria and Ghana already. Can you email me your proposal to [email protected] directly so I can talk with you about it? I have budget for activities like this if I am able to do the presentation by video.


Thank you @Blockops,

please, let me know if you’ll take care of this proposal and if it will be really paid from your budget.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen


Thanks for supporting @Fransoa to do this. He is now part of my team here in Ghana to host more meet-ups in more parts of the Ghana. I would want to thank @Blockops for the continues support not forgetting @MedaR


Thanks for kind words, you are doing awesome job!:wink: