[Proposal] Daily Digests

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Our company, Crypto Digests, creates unique daily digests/newsletters for crypto companies that have large communities. Judging by your Discord server size, Horizen keeps very busy with daily activities and communications. These communications often get very cumbersome and difficult to stay up to speed with.

We have created a tool that is fully customizable to individual cryptocurrencies, allowing you to put your brand on the face of each digest. This tool creates unique, daily “reports” of the days communications and then sends the report out to a customized email list built around your community. We have been creating content for 2 years now and have seen significant results from an end user perspective.

We believe this product can greatly reduce time that goes into staying current on Horizens daily movement. As well as used as a marketing tool for prospects.

We are just now starting to promote our tool and wanted to offer it up at 20% off.

The price we have calculate for our proposal would be 276 ZEN tokens per month. Roughly $1500.00 USD/month. Each month the average USD price per ZEN would be calculated and would be the quoting price going into the following month.

We stand behind our product, and believe we can tremendously help your communities communications and marketing.

Please feel free to ask any questions, or check our site for more information & content.

Thank You

The Crypto Digests Team


Also, we have a PDF hosted on our site that gives the high level view of what our tool can do. Feel free to check it out and ask any questions.


We can also make a pilot digest to give you an example of what your end users would be receiving everyday.

Interesting proposal, thanks for showing interest in Horizen. We will keep this proposal in mind once our price recovers and we have more flexibility with our spend. Thanks again and please stay in touch.

Of course, thank you for considering us. We will keep in touch with Horizen in the coming months.

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