[Proposal] Introduce the Photography Community to Zencash and blockchain

This is an opportunity to reach out to the photography community from the inside. Many in this community get excited about innovations and ways to be more independent. It’s outside of the normal groups who are aware of blockchain, yet largely open to it based on my informal research.

Let’s establish ZEN as supporting artists, independents, solo entrepreneurs, content creators, etc., while making them aware that the underlying blockchain technology can help us all in ways they probably don’t yet realize.

Some links to see what I do:
My small business website showing my photographic specialty of 360º photography:

I’m a known trainer for my area of expertise and normally good at making complicated topics easier to digest:

I have contributed to all three of the outlets below that I am proposing to sponsor, for example:

Recent appearance on This Week in Photo where blockchain came up a few times:

Main ideas to promote to photographers:

Awareness through standard banner and in-show advertising. More importantly, education about crypto currency and blockchain solutions. This is through written, video, and audio content as well as in-person conference presentations and events. The education content will be largely by me, and other authors who I can get interested (many authors are looking for article ideas).

I have experience in promoting photography software through helping people learn how to use it, this is very similar.

I want to stress that new ideas come up in almost every conversation I have with the ‘sponsorees’ in this proposal, and others as well. We are ‘creatives’ after all. For the total amount, I’ve left some flexibility for now. I’m very interested in how I can make micro-proposals along the way. I plan to be very generous with my time since I’m a believer, but new opportunities will likely come up during this project.

Total budget proposal (based on ZEN @ US$35) 1266 - 1429 ZEN

Photofocus sponsorship (www.photofocus.com) for 4 months230 - 262 ZEN
This page about Photofocus advertising is worth reading, it explains the approach of building a brand through educational content regarding that brand. What better way to ‘advertise’ than help people use ZEN!

  • Website rotating banners
  • Weekly Articles about crypto currency and blockchain solutions
  • Podcast sponsor
  • A great deal of social media to promote each created content
  • Possibly sponsor other authors on a per-article basis (this is the additional 32 ZEN in the above budget amount)

This Week in Photo sponsorship (www.thisweekinphoto.com) for 4 months – 230 - 246 ZEN
Advertising info link: https://thisweekinphoto.com/sponsorship/

  • Recorded or live read commercials in main podcast
  • Banners
  • Episodes discussing blockchain related to photography (one dedicated episode, other partials)
  • A great deal of social media
  • Giveaways (16 ZEN difference above)

"Out of Chicago" annual conference sponsorship (http://www.outofchicago.com/summer/):

Gold Sponsorship - 30 ZEN
Travel - 58 ZEN
Booth - 58 ZEN
Promotion event(s) - 85 - 200 ZEN
Presentations (included below)

  • Banners, mentions
  • One or two one-hour talks (by me) about how blockchain can benefit photographers and the business of photography
  • Table in expo area (this is like a small trade show) to educate, setup wallets, etc.
  • Giveaways
  • Budget permitting: Small small/quick contests (ie so that there can be many winners) to win ZEN
  • Budget permitting: ZEN sponsored happy hour where drinks are very cheap if you pay in ZEN (sponsorship covers the difference in drink prices. Or a small entry fee if paid in ZEN with drink(s) included.
  • A great deal of social media, and many photographers attending will pass on what they learn.
    • Extra goal: To get a photo retailer who is exhibiting at this conference to accept ZEN as payment

Budget that goes to me includes the following (575 ZEN):

  • Negotiating and organizing the sponsorships, including helping them accept ZEN as payment

  • Very significant further research/networking relating to how blockchain can benefit photographers

  • Research and writing of articles for Photofocus

  • Recruiting and assisting other authors who wish to learn and create their own content

  • Co-host of sponsored podcast

  • Appearances on TWIP episodes/spots regarding blockchain

  • Together with TWIP host, creating ‘get started’ type content. (The host, Frederick is very interested in this topic)

  • Preparation/delivery of presentation for Out of Chicago attendees

  • Promoting during entire conference

  • Table in vendor area to assist with wallet setup (more ideas welcome)

  • Negotiating with photography retailers (brick & mortar and online) to accept ZEN/crypto currency. I may ask for ZENcentive (see what I did there?) for retailers. For example, the retailer can offer a discount if customer pays with ZEN, then the Treasury can cover the difference.

  • New supernode :wink:

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We can see a great potential in this kind of community project. Nevertheless the total budget isn’t small so we decided to start with a smaller part of this proposal. And if both sides will be satisfied with this sort of cooperation we definitely want to extend our contribution!

We did a research regarding to all items of the proposal list and we think the This Week in Photo sponsorship seems to be very interesting. It has more than 10k followers on Twitter (https://twitter.com/thisweekinphoto) and great youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9kH9c4alSSYOMWCDos8OaA/featured) as well.

We’d like to discuss more details. Please, @Pepper, give us a feedback if you are opened to talking about that.

Thank you very much in advance!


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Hi Kamila,

Yes I am very interested in talking about the details, and I’m sorry that I didn’t see your reply from 7 days ago, apparently I’m not getting email notifications!

What is the best way to discuss more? You can ping me on Discord to be sure we stay in touch. :wink:



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Hi @Pepper,

thank you for feedback.

If you are open to talk about details I’d like to ask if it would be possible to post a list with items and their prices regarding to chosen topic This Week In Photo sponsorship. You mentioned only total budget for all of the items 230 - 246 ZEN (for 4 months of work). So I’m asking for e.g.

  • Recorded or live read commercials in main podcast - 40 ZEN,

  • Banners - 30 ZEN,…etc.

And if you could add any other info e.g. schedule of deliverables, what is included in all items,…It would be really appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

Community Project Manager of ZenCash

This Proposal is closed and labeled as REJECTED due to no response.

If it will be needed to re-open, please, post a request for re-opening.

Community Project Manager Of ZenCash