[Proposal] Native Mobile ZenCash Wallet + Secure Nodes Management

Create a new Native Mobile ZenCash Wallet for iOS and Android, with features like remote management of ZenCash Secure Nodes

Hello, we are a two-man dev team located in the Eastern coast of the US. We would like to create a new native iOS and Android Wallet with support for monitoring and control of ZenCash Secure Nodes.

Ivan Trotter / Carlos Lopez

Here is our full proposal, we hope it’s of your interest:

Native Mobile ZenCash Wallet + Secure Nodes Management

We have been friends for a long time, we both have a background in SW Architecture and SW Development, in the past years we have been focusing in enterprise mobile applications and when possible in mobile games development.

We are all set and ready to start. We will like to thank you in advanced for considering our proposal and look forward to collaborating with the ZenCash Team.

Carlos, Ivan

This sounds more like an ask for a salaried permanent position on the team than a project-based proposal. What sort of assurances do we have that you’ll get the project done in a reasonable time frame if at all? Personally, as a member of the community, I would rather see a project executed well first, then engagement on how to extend the relationship.

If you read the guidelines for submitting a proposal you will see the burden of determining what needs to be done for the project falls on the person/organization doing the proposing, not the community.

Thanks for the comments. This helps to open up the discussion that we are seeking, and also allows us to clarify on the points that you mention.

We are not looking for a salaried permanent position, we would like to provide a fair estimate in time and deliver on that. Based on our experience, we wanted to mention we are looking for a long term relationship because we know that updates are going to be needed. Specially when there is new versions of an OS, I have personally felt the pain that Apple causes when a new iOS version is released. I guess it can be simple to just say here is the product, pay me and good luck in the future, but that is not what we want to do.

I completely understand your point in relation to the needs, and by no means we want the community to do our job, we want to open up the control part to discussion because maybe there is simply no interest on having a tool for that. Or maybe there is interest but not in the same way we think there is. Understanding a little bit more the needs of the community can help us schedule the project, update the proposal and get a go/no go from the ZenCash Team.

Carlos, I like the proposal, and the project would bring functionality to a mobile device that would be enjoyable to demonstrate, including shielded messages. I have to agree with @cpmcgrat that a clearer proposal with work, deliverables, timeframe, and support for a period of time would be very helpful in order to discuss the proposal internal and evaluate it further. Would you be able to fill out the form located here outlining the basics of your proposal?


@Blockops thanks for the comments and the link. I just included the proposal. I will load shortly a video with a small proof of concept we did to test put the APIs

Here is a small video of a test we did for iOS in order to see how the APIs perform. Please note that this does not reflect the final design or functionality , its just a test :slight_smile:

ZenCash Wallet

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