[Proposal] Sponsorship on BlockSafari's new podcast series

I’m starting a new podcast series that deals with educational entertainment. The primary goal being to confront the endless sea of misinformation that spreads throughout the crypto communities, in a lighthearted and comical way.

The current podcaster market is saturated with generalist information and sales pitches. The viewer audience for deep technicals is miniscule. We believe we’ve come up with a format that offers significant value in a niche that is largely unexplored.

I’ve been working with the team from another well known cryptocurrency, and they have agreed to be the first guests. We would like to have ZenCash as the sponsor for the episode. We will include both a typical expected elevator pitch and well as some interplay with the content of the podcast itself. And of course, we would like to have some members of the ZenCash team on as guests in a future episode.

The goal of this effort is promotion and education, not profit. However, there will be costs associated, and we need sponsorship. We are seeking standard market rate for the sponsorship of the episode, as well as some basic ZenCash promotional materials to use during recording.

Hi @jm9k,

thank you very much for your proposal idea. Our Marketing department likes it and we would like to start to contribute with you. May I ask you to write an official proposal?
Here is a link for a guide:

If we have an official proposal we can discuss more details and optimize them. And if you need a help please feel free to contact me here or via email [email protected].

Many thanks again. I can’t wait to see your proposal and start to co-operate!

Have a nice day😉

Warm regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


The formal proposal was sent via email to ZenCash team because this proposal is a part of bigger project and @jm9k asked for keeping it privately. We never force people to get out of their comfort zone therefore we decided to post the formal proposal after release.

The proposal is APPROVED with budget 300 USD for realization and budget 100 USD for merchandise. Many thanks to @jm9k who’s been being a member of our community for a very long time.


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